Here’s another event that I didn’t have room for on Night & Day: Tomorrow Firehouse Art Gallery is hosting a party to decorate a 1985 Volvo station wagon and raise funds for that car to transport a few delegates to the International Socialist Organization convention in Chicago. Most sane Americans react to socialists the way they’d react to the nine-year-old boy down the block who talks about taking over the world, but while I have no desire to live in a new Soviet Union, watching fat-cat CEOs take huge bonuses while the economy’s in its current state does give me pause. Also, ISO supports some other causes with broader popular support: anti-racism, gay rights, and a woman’s right to choose. So how bad can they be? If you’re tired of hearing President Obama called a socialist, here’s your chance to meet some genuine socialists and ask them their opinion of him. I’ll bet they don’t think he’s one of them.