That nice, friendly mayoral runoff might get frisky after all. Jim Lane is casting Betsy Price as a ’fraidy-cat who won’t debate him. She declined to debate immediately after the May 14 election and begged off again this week.

“I am very disappointed in Betsy,” Lane said. “This is a very important race for the future of Fort Worth, and it seems she doesn’t want to discuss the issues with me in a public setting.”

jim-lane-betsy-priceSo are all those voters who dubbed Betsy Price “Mike Moncrief in a skirt” onto something? Moncrief was notorious for ignoring forums and debates. Politically speaking, it’s a smart thing when you’re heavily favored. Why risk ruining a commanding lead by debating opponents in public and perhaps saying something stupid? Price drew 43 percent of the vote in May compared to Lane’s 26 percent. And who knows what could happen in a debate against a wily attorney who has 12 years of Fort Worth City Council experience compared to none for Price?

Forget it, Price said — she’s not afraid of Lane. She squared off against him about 45 times during the various forums leading up to the general election, and they’ll face off in several debates between now and the June 18 runoff. She wasn’t notified of this week’s debate until two days prior, she said, and her dance card was full. She’s juggling a full schedule of meet-and-greets, and she’s canvassing neighborhoods relentlessly.

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