I admit. While I’m as red-blooded as the next heterosexual American male, I stopped reading Maxim in college, and I was in college before Al Gore invented the internet. Evidently, though, the magazine is still around or at least its web site is –– my next confession is that I haven’t perused a magazine stand since I lived in New York City, and I lived in New York City pre-9/11.


However, I’m always interested when Fort Worth pops up on the national radar, and now thanks to young go-getter named Leslie, Fort Worth has, um, popped up in Maxim.

El Patron 300x250


Apparently, the magazine puts on an annual contest in which young women who are attractive, not shy, and allergic to clothing can vie for readers’ votes to appear on an upcoming Maxim cover and in an accompanying fashion editorial. In the 2011 Hometown Hotties Contest, currently under way, Leslie is one of 100 candidates and is the only one from Fort Worth.


Young Leslie is 5’6’’, 120 lbs., and is listed at an eye-popping 34-25-36. For her profession, she claims to be a “promotional model/specialist.” Now I don’t know what that could possibly mean, but I’m betting it has something to do with beer posters, comic-book conventions, or hot rods.


Leslie also claims that she can “control things” with her eyes, which makes her a real Fort Worthian, because everybody from Fort Worth (self included) is completely insane.


And too bad, single dudes/potential stalkers. Her relationship status is “hooked up.”


And as fine as Leslie is, me-thinks she’s gonna have a hard time besting Jelena, Michelle, and Dominique. Yowzah.




  1. No offence, but you’re lame with Jelena, Michelle and Dominique. Too blond and no subtlety. My opinion, but then blonds don’t do anything for me. Leslie rocks.

  2. Hey guys, her name is Lezlie with a z. Get it right. She’s a good friend of mine. Not really. I’ve never met her. She rocks but…I heart Brittney (wearing the patriotic bikini) from Schertz, TX.