A massive infection has hospitalized Lance Yocom. The thirtysomething owner of the Fort Worth-based multi-faceted music company Spune Productions has been on a ventilator since Sunday but is stable. Though his fever continues to spike (it’s at 102 today), it’s increasing very slowly, which, his doctors say, is a good sign, and “he’s not fighting the ventilator,” according to an entry written by his wife on his Caring Bridge journal. All of his blood cultures have come back negative, and his chest x-ray was the same today as it was the day before: no worse, no better. Doctors also have ruled out every major virus and, while test results have yet to come back, are pretty sure that H1N1 is not what is afflicting him.


Yocom was admitted to the hospital after suffering from flu-like symptoms and having difficulty breathing. He is currently in Arizona, where he and his immediate family –– he’s a married father of three –– had been vacationing. Visit his Caring Bridge page for more info.

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Yocom is a passionate, friendly, forward-thinking guy whose contributions to North Texas music are myriad –– in addition to booking shows regularly at some of North Texas’ most popular and successful indie clubs, including Lola’s Saloon and Hailey’s, Yocom also provides management services to some of Texas’ most esteemed artists, including Telegraph Canyon, Seryn, and Doug Burr.




  1. I think that you meant to say “cannot be overstated”, but I think it is a pretty weak cliché to use for this situation.

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