Today’s the first day of a new school year for a lot of kids in Fort Worth and around North Texas. Given all the dire talk about state education funds being slashed, you’d think teachers would be presiding over classrooms the size of prison mess halls. Luckily, according to reports, there are no FWISD teacher layoffs this time around, so hopefully the district is staffed with enough dedicated professionals to teach important course work while kids daydream about reality TV stardom.

So enjoy the first day, leaders of tomorrow: The butterflies in the stomach; the new shoes that you discovered are a bad fit only when you got to school; the earnest desire to make a good impression that will be gone by the end of the week, if not sooner. Just don’t listen to Debbie Downer adults who’ll try to tell you the teenage years are the best of your life. On the whole, I’ve found that being an adult is a lot more fun than being a teenager – you don’t have to listen to nearly as many idiot authority figures; obtaining alchohol is hassle free; and nobody pesters you to abstain from sex ’til you reach “emotional maturity” because adults know there’s no such thing as emotional maturity. So hang on – it does indeed get better!