Do you like moody stoner post-rock instrumental music? Of course you do. Do you know what “post-rock” means? Of course you don’t. That’s why you need to check out this week’s “Music” story about the Fort Worth trio Drift Era. Producer/multi-instrumentalist Jonathon O’Connor and drummer Michael Garcia discuss the joys of guitar feedback and drone, the uses of handheld synthesizers and electronic bows, and what makes Sonic Youth the coolest band in the world.

Here’s a promotional video for Drift Era that gives you a peek into their laidback process of atmospheric music-making. This is some footage of a tune called “The Day After Rapture Dub” recorded at their rehearsal space in a Fort Worth church.

Drift Era is heavily influenced by the instrumental band Mogwai, which hails from Glasgow, Scotland. This is a video for Mogwai’s haunting 2003 psychedelic reverie “Hunted By a Freak.” (Love that title). The Chicago band Tortoise is also somewhat of a role model; here’s the video for its guitar-heavy 2009 tune “Prepare Your Coffin.”