Big Rich Texas is big on scripted reality and rich with bereft souls, but about as authentically Texas as the blue, plastic cowboy hats worn by tourists in the Stockyards.

How do I know this about the new reality show?


Because I watch it. Religiously. Why? That’s for a team of therapists much smarter than myself to determine.

Of course, local viewers knew this show was fake when it aired in July and introduced its cast of mother-daughter characters as members of Woodhaven Country Club, the most exclusive social spot in all of Dallas.

Except…wait a sec…I seem to recall writing “Fear and Loathing in Woodhaven” a few years back about a bunch of problems in that neighborhood, which is in East Fort Worth rather than Dallas, and is about as exclusive as Heidi Fleiss at a Las Vegas vodka convention.


Anywhore, I mean anyhoo, a similar kind of show is apparently being planned, and DFW Casting is tweeting a call for “affluent mother/daughter duos living upscale lifestyle in Dallas/Fort Worth area” — or as we like to say around these parts, the “Fort Worth/Dallas area.”

So if your family is a made up of vapid train wrecks and you’d like to exploit them and yourself on national TV for the perverse pleasure of idiotic viewers (like me) who are obviously genetically flawed in tragic ways, then I suggest you sign up.

See ya on the boob tube!


  1. Saying Fort Worth/Dallas is stupid. People in Fort Worth are supposed to say FW/D Airport? I dont’ think so. Get over yourself, you’re the lesser half of “D/FW”

  2. OK, I have to stick up for you this time Jeff. I will have to say Ft. Worth is absolutely NOT the lesser half of DFW. As someone who has lived in the METROPLEX my entire life, I have to say I much prefer the character of Ft. Worth over the Cosmo quality of Dallas. Personal opinion, I know, but some of the people I know from Dallas just really need to get over themselves.