The big headline for this year’s 30th Annual Tarrant County Gay Pride Week is that the “Ride the Rainbow” pride parade (10am Sat Oct 1) has moved from its traditional spot on South Jennings Street to the heart of downtown – the route runs south down Main Street and begins at the East Weatherford Street intersection. Mayor Betsy Price will serve as a grand marshal for the parade.

Now, there’s still a lot of ground to cover for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender folks to achieve full equality. But let’s talk about progress so far: Tarrant County Pride old timers would likely tell you that having the parade downtown with the mayor as a grand marshal was unthinkable when the city’s pride festivities began thirty years ago. (Hell, it would’ve been a stretch just ten years ago). Parades are so important to so many LGBT people because visibility – emerging from the social, cultural and political shadows – continues to be a major goal in the fight for gay civil rights. And you don’t get much more visible than Main Street.

So I could say, “You’ve come a long way, gayby,” but that would be lame. Let’s settle for: Happy Pride Week, ya’ll!


  1. Jimmy, when is someone going to do some honest reporting on the teacher at Western Hills High School, Kristopher Franks, who is being railroaded by some homophobic thugs. The “Christian” thugs are, of course, being supported by the teacher’s principal and FWISD administrators. Why? Well, partly because the little snot who has been harassing Franks, Dakota Ary, ran, with his mom, to the nearest right-wing media whore and made sure this was first reported as a poor little Christian being persecuted by the big bad gay agenda.
    The Star-Telegram isn’t going to touch this. Will the Fort Worth Weekly?

  2. What if that little, so called christian, kid had said that: all those ( “N” word) should not marry white folks its against God’s laws.” That rag, the fading star telejunk would be all over it. The kid would be suspended, and his mother would make a pretend apology to all African Americans. Just another example of society treating us as third class citizens.

  3. There is a reason people call the local rag the Startlegram.

    Thanks for the best wishes, Jimmie. It was a good event for us…we loved watching the hate-mongering bible-thumpers get arrested at the block-party (One for saying the four letter F word over the megaphone where children could hear it.). Yeppers, they are Christians all right…NOT


  4. I love gays. Jesus loves gays. And if every single one of my friends would of been gay, homosexual behaviour would of still be a sin. What I think about it does not matter. God says it is wrong so it is wrong. It has nothing to do with what Christians think. God is God and you are not Him! Gay people have demonized themselves by taking up unatural lust.