The Occupy protests in cities across the country have been messy. Critics complain the message is unclear. City officials gripe about people having to urinate. And eat. And sleep in tents.

Can’t the Occupy folks just work within the political system? You know, elect someone to represent them in Congress? It’s called democracy.


Problem is, the political system is built on undue influence by corporate lobbyists motivated by a greed so intense that they’ve knocked the economic system out of whack.

Occupy has its faults, but the large number of people who have peacefully protested for so long against genuine problems in our government should make all Americans proud. They’re doing something.

Saturday offers an opportunity to see what the movement’s all about up close and personal.

Occupy Fort Worth will meet at 1 p.m. Saturday at Burnett Park, 501 W. 7th St. in downtown Fort Worth.

2 p.m. — Peaceful march begins (bring signs if you’d like)

3 p.m. — Workshop and discussion groups

4 p.m. — Live music with singer/songwriter Jody Jones


  1. Amen! We the people have the right and we got the power and we just may have to demonstrate it some more. Much more even if it makes somebody uncomfortable. They deserve to be uncomfortable and we need to make’em feel that way!
    Great story!

  2. To not believe that the monied interests do not have undue influence just look at what Congress just passed – Pizza is a vegetable – Come on, really. This is just one example of why the Occupy movement had to happen and needs to continue.

  3. I was thinking more of Harpo. I’d vote for Groucho.

    It’s a shame Sarah Palin is so damnd stupid, she was way ahead of these folks in regards to crony capitalism and corruption and actually did something about it. She just did it stupidly.

    It’s a shame the Tea Party is comprised of stupid, dangerous white people with guns, they were way ahead of these people as well – they even got some folks elected and have produced a US budget proposal.

    But 99 percent of America demands Marxist solutions, coupled with Stalinist behavior – and that’s where Palin & Co. messed up. They were too entwined with silly Constitutional issues and overt nationalism, and didn’t cost taxpayers millions in babysitting fees.

    “N17” – the day of Action. Ever wonder where they came up with that?

    Google it.

  4. Of course the tea party was cleaner, had politicians, cleanup crews, they had corporate money backing them. And by the way the marxist analogy is wrong u listen to right wing corporate funded media way too much.

  5. “Of course the tea party was cleaner, had politicians, cleanup crews, they had corporate money backing them.”

    #occupy has politicians. The president has set the agenda for two years. The former Speaker of the House, who found the Tea party radical and dangerous, wholly endorses this movement. You’d have a hard time finding a Democrat willing to say anything negative about #occupy.

    #occupy has the support of every Marxist government, group and organization in the world, including heads of state, who are… politicians.

    #occupy has corporate backing, directly or indirectly.

    The president collected more money from Wall Street than anyone in history. Ditto on down the line. No-one leaves congress broke.

    #occupy has clean-up crews, but they seem somewhat lacking, the taxpayer actually pays for most of that, and this is not an inexpensive festival for the occupied municipalities, it’s in the millions, paid for by the other 99%.

    What #occupy has that the tea Party doesn’t have is union muscle. And this movement is union-controlled, lock stock and… I forget the third thing, but you get my point.

    “And by the way the marxist analogy is wrong u listen to right wing corporate funded media way too much.”

    The movement is supported by every Marxist group and government in the world, except, at press time, Fidel Castro, they even have the support of Islamists. The whole world is behind #occupy.

    All this support is because all these people want what’s best for Americans, Putin has ur back, dude.