Maybe you were planning to stay home from work this Friday January 13 because it’s one of those fabled unlucky days. By all means, play hooky, but do it at the monthly “Flashlight Tour of Thistle Hill Mansion.” This behind-the-scenes exploration of one of the Fort’s most beloved and notorious historic mansions covers the unrestored basement, trunk room, carriage house, and servant’s quarters. After building this crib in 1903, the filthy rich Wharton family hosted lavish society parties and Satanic blood orgies there. (That last part isn’t true at all, but don’t you wish it was?).

The “Flashlight Tours” are apparently a little more strenuous than your typical wussie tour (more than 60 stairs are climbed). No kids under 12 allowed. (Yay!). The tour starts at 4pm at 1509 Pennsyvania Ave. Flashlights will be provided. Tix are $25, and early registration is strongly recommended. Call (817) 336-1212.