Watching the New York Giants pummel the Atlanta Falcons yesterday filled me with joy.

A very evil joy.

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Every season after the Dallas Cowboys get eliminated from the Super Bowl race, I begin rooting for their division rivals. This year it’s the Giants. Each game they advance from here on out means they get a lower pick in next year’s college draft.

That’s bad for them but good for the ‘Boys.

Plus if the Giants win Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, then every team next season will be coming after them with fire in their bellies.

So go Giants!

You’re my heroes! Win the Super Bowl you sons of (beep).

Especially you, Brandon Jacobs, you sorry (beep).


  1. Typicacal “BOYS” fan talk smack all year long until the Playoffs start!!! Then sit at home and lick your wounds!! Judging from your performance the last couple of years you should try a different tactic because your plan works like Sh**!!

  2. You might as well stop rooting for them. The Giants are about to get slaughtered by the Green Bay Packers and that will be the end of them.

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