Your high school kid may be a budding playwright if: 1) They call speaking up in class “breaking the fourth wall”; 2) They describe the long silences in study hall as “Pinteresque”; or 3) They won’t stop telling their annoyed lab partners how the theater is not dying, thank you very much, it’s just in constant flux.

Or, they may be a budding playwright if they placed in Circle Theatre’s 2012 High School Playwriting Project. Staged readings of the four finalists’ work will take place 3pm Sun Apr 29 in Circle’s Sundance Square space. The afternoon is free and open to the general public. The finalists include three kids from Fort Worth Country Day School: Arden Terry for hs script Where is Waldo?; Peter Bowden for Cornered; and Stephen Hwang for The Best Friend. Dean Phillips from Haltom High School was also a finalist for Lungs, Liver, and a Stable State of Mind.