To the editor: Betty Brink’s April 18 story “Death by Indifference” is appropriately titled. She’s been the consummate crusader for justice for inmates at the Carswell facility since 1999. She has written updates and tried to draw attention to the problem to motivate changes at the Carswell chamber of horrors. Getting sentenced to prison is one thing, but it shouldn’t be a potential death-row affair. Such de facto denial-delay of treatment for inmates, as Ms. Brink wrote about, has become the coup de grace for many of those sentenced to Carswell.

Our elected officials must suffer from narcosis to be able to remain so uninterested in the machinations at Carswell, which has virtually become a killing field. The horror stories are enough to cause apoplexy.

Since some officials have a do-nothing attitude, let’s vote the incumbents out of a job. At least that would be a partial quid pro quo for all the things their legislative hands could have done.

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