When a male vice principal in the Springtown school district, northwest of Fort Worth, spanked two teenage girls with a paddle, he violated district policy.

Not a policy preventing the spanking of young girls, mind you, but the policy that the staffer administering corporal punishment must be of the same gender as the punished.

Regardless, the uproar over the incident caused the district to rethink the barbarian practice of hitting children and the school board decided to ditch its corporal punishment policy altogether… Wait, that’s not what they did? They actually decided the best course of action was to allow older men to spank teenage girls with a paddle?

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Oh, boy.

The district’s superintendent actually asked the board to change the policy because, get this, he says there aren’t enough women in the district to ensure that a woman is always on hand to mete out the punishment.

Riiiiiiiiight. There aren’t enough women at a school so there’s no other choice but to ask the guys to shoulder the heavy burden of swatting young girls on their ass.

The story, now an international kerfuffle, gets more bizarre.

Here are the statements from the mother of one of the girls who got spanked. Her problem isn’t apparently that the girl was physically punished, but that she was bruised in the process.

From WFAA:

“I have tried to be very professional and not personal about it,” said a tearful Anna Jorgensen, whose daughter was one of those who was paddled. “I didn’t know the media would turn it into all of this, and I feel very sorry for putting Springtown in that spot.”

“These men that swat these girls, they are telling the boys in the school, ‘It’s okay to hit a girl and it’s okay to bruise a girl,’ and that’s not right,” Watt told board members Monday night.

She went on to say that a woman is not as strong as a man and would not have bruised her daughter.

Oh yeah, this is definitely all the media’s fault.


  1. The mother actually thinks that a woman couldn’t bruise her little cutie of a daughter? What a naive, stupid fool. It’s disgraceful that a man hit the girl, but it’s equally ridiculous that the mom would eagerly put the paddle in the hand of someone who might be a jealous witch. What the heck is WRONG with those people in that part of the country that they are even spanking kids in schools at all?! The women’s rights organizations need to get after that school board; what they are doing is legalizing the hitting of young women by men.