Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) and Rep. Mark Shelton (R-Fort Worth). COURTESY OF TEXAS TRIBUNE

Texas Republicans, who already have a super-majority in the House, are salivating over the possibility of winning back the state Senate seat that Democrat Wendy Davis won in a surprise 2008 victory.

Though it’s hard to convince even one Democrat to support any Republican-authored bill, the Texas GOP is just two seats away from a super-majority in the Senate, too. That would give them carte blanche to pass whatever legislation they wanted.

So it should come as no surprise that Republican State Rep. Mark Shelton is trying everything he can to smear Davis, whose Tarrant County seat is target No. 1 for Republican leaders.


He’s even requested a state investigation, accusing her of criminal activity.

In a new campaign ad, Shelton comes out swinging, accusing Davis of supporting higher taxes for the elderly and disabled (not true) and received “millions” from “job-killing” trial injury lawyers (also false).

For the details, check out WFAA‘s fact-checking of the Shelton ad here.

Davis, a single mom who put herself through Harvard Law School,  famously fought against Republicans last year when they cut billions of dollars from public education. Davis has been billing herself as the champion of education ever since.

She has also come out with a few campaign ads, one that fails to mention Shelton at all, and another that definitely mentions him.

In the new ad, which was just released today, Davis accuses her opponent of voting against legislation that would have prevented the conviction of a rapist. Yikes.

More on that one tomorrow.


  1. Wendy is out of touch with her constituents. Also she is not above a little petty meanness of her own. She was criticized for her tactics by her primary opponents in 2008 and launched into the sleeziest TV ad I have ever seen- against her eventual opponent Kim Brimer- which made one think that he was no more than a cigar chomping mobster with a panniculus. (No actual facts were presented but hey-for flibbertygibbety Wendy Davis-its all about style over substance.) Her first salvo against poor Doc Shelton was to” inform” the public that Doc Shelton, a Pediatrician with an impeccable 25 year career of saving babies and children from infectious diseases “didn’t care about women and children”. (Really?) Wendy wants to misinform and to carry-on about anything but the issues.