(Photo by Marcus Nune).

A Republican and a Democrat attack each other for months on end and spend millions of dollars to demean each other in TV ads. The Democrat wins and vows to work closely and inclusively with Republicans and forge a new spirit of cooperation.

That pretty much sums up the 2008 presidential race between John McCain and Barack Obama.

History has a tendency to repeat itself.

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Now that Obama is top dog again, he’s saying the same stuff about becoming united and working together with Republicans. Makes me thing of Rodney King’s plaintive wish: Can we all just get along?

RODNEY KING (photo by 4WardEver UK).

That’s good — that’s what Obama should be saying. Extreme political polarization is ruinous for everyone. The buck stops with him.

Let’s hope Obama does a better job of fostering unity during his next four years. His first term was disastrous on that front.

And let’s hope Republican leaders realize the majority of Americans don’t agree with their hard-nosed stances on social issues and their unwillingness to make concessions in Congress.

Maybe they’ll all be humbled.

Maybe we’ll all be humbled.

“Kumbaya,” anyone?



  1. In a few months it will be our turn to change the political landscape in Fort Worth starting with our School Board. A more disfunctional, intransigent group of dinosaurs has never before gathered as a group. More concerned with having schools named after them than serving the needs of children, they continue to cost taxpayers millions in frivolous waste (astro turfing football fields) and endless litigation. Time to wipe that slate clean and start over.

  2. Rush Limbaugh just said that last night’s election was a choice between Santa Claus and work ??????? I don’t know what that means. Santy Claus is nice, and I like him. But Rush thinks if I like Santy Claus I am an evil liberal. I can see how all this is going to work out. The 2012 election will be a referendum on Santa Claus.