EDDIE GAEDEL AT BAT (Associated Press photo from Wikipedia public site)

The Dallas Morning News report that Mark Cuban is considering drafting Baylor women’s basketball standout Brittney Griner reinforces the notion that the Dallas Mavericks owner is a marketing genius.

Griner has about as much chance of making the team as she does at sinking a full-court jumpshot at the buzzer.

But Cuban’s as wily as old Bill Veeck.

Lazy Moose Rectangle REVISED

Who’s Veeck?

He’s the Major League Baseball owner who hired a little person (3-foot 7-inch tall Eddie Gaedel) in 1951 and inserted him into the lineup. (How would you like to try and hit that strike zone as a pitcher?) Veeck’s biography is even titled “Baseball’s Greatest Maverick.”

Grimes will go deep in the draft with a relatively meaningless pick, create national publicity of mammoth proportions, and then fade away while Cuban comes off as a beacon of women’s rights and a PR genius.

What’s Cuban got to lose?

Oh wait, he’ll lose a second round pick.

Second rounders who have dribbled orange balls in these parts lately include Jae Crowder and Eduardo Najera.

Even the attention-craving Cuban won’t be so reckless as to throw away a pick.

Will he?