If you’re like me, you have a friend or nine who still smokes weed all of the time, and all he/she/they ever talk about are (in no particular order): legalizing weed, the various benefits of weed, famous people who likely smoke weed, how different the world would be if everyone smoked weed, and how great Cheetos taste.

All of “those people” will be one place this weekend.

This Saturday, DFW Normal, the local Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is bringing the Global Marijuana March to Fort Worth. According to the group’s Facebook event page, the  march  “is an annual rally held in more than 300 cities around the world,” and different cities host marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, and festivals.

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“The Global Marijuana March is a celebration embracing cannabis culture as a personal lifestyle choice,” the site says. “Participants unite to discuss, promote, entertain, and educate both consumers and non-consumers alike.”

In addition to marching, there will be plenty of swaying and wild hippie dancing at the Fort Worth event. The organizers have put together a solid bill of bands, including The Effinays, Bum Lucky, and Pablo and the Hemphill 7. Here is a full list of bands and guest speakers — who I’m guessing will be talking about weed.

The march will go from noon to 7 p.m. at Federal Plaza, 1007 Throckmorton St. Entry is free and the event is open to all ages.

Bring your own Cheetos.


  1. Renewable energy, organic farming, equality, healthcare, environmental care and responsibility, public transit, and weed:Legalizing marijuana would only remove a fraction of what we talk about.

    • I don’t know, Zach. It’s going to be tough for a lot of folks. Hemp will end up underwhelming just like it does all the countries where it is currently legal. Demand for it will remain limited like it is and farmers won’t grow much of it just as is the case in Canada, China, Europe and elswhere where it’s already legal and not exactly saving the world. “Big Pharma” won’t go under. Pot will replace very little medicine and Big Pharma will actually make money from preparations they make from pot. Not everybody is going to smoke weed either, because most everyone who wants to smoke it is already doing it and the rest of us either don’t want to mess with it or we have and we didn’t care for it. Stoners will never be cool. You’re kind of boring if you’re always going off on tangents and forgetting what you were talking about mid-sentence, and really doesn’t it get boring sitting there staring at the TV with the sound turned off listening to bad music? How long can you do that before you just have to get up and do something productive?

      I’m sort of kidding. The fact is though that people who smoke pot all the time will always be annoying, whether it’s legal or not. If your life revolves around pot, you’re kind of useless and annoying. That’s always going to be true and it’s one of the main reasons I’m not worried at all about the inevitable legalization of marijuana. Most people don’t smoke pot and most won’t even if it’s legal, because most people don’t care for it and most don’t want to be useless and annoying. Many will, but most of them are already doing it and most of them see it as the vice that it is and do so in moderation and their lives do not revolve around marijuana. Those who are activists, whether they smoke it all the time or just a little or not at all, will likely find other worthwhile causes. And legalization is a worthwhile cause. This failed prohibition does far more harm than good.

      • Seriously, Kyle is going to decide what is annoying? Anything more annoying that someone posting a comment that long, laced with stereotypes, just to agree with legalization in the end? I’d rather sit on the couch with cheetos than troll the web calling people annoying. Oh wait… GTG.

      • Wonderful, another person who thinks everyone who smokes pot is a ‘cheech and chong’ character from a movie he watched 20 years ago.

        “Yeah man, you’re right dude. We’re all just stoned and watching tv with the sound turned all the way down man, eating donuts and doing nothing but getting fat man. Cuz we’re just annoying lazy potheads with nuthin to do! Hey man, it’s a wonder we can even read what you wrote man with all the pot clogging up our brain cells man. We’ve all got reefer madness dude, and YOU are smart enough to see it”!

        Yup, it’s this kind of mentality that has caused the ‘war on drugs’ to rage on out of control for the last 40 years. Thanks alot for spending a trillion dollars because it ‘annoys’ you that someone somewhere might be smoking some pot. Thank god you’re not ‘annoyed’ by the cigarettes and the alcohol and the pornography, or americans wouldn’t be able to do ANYTHING without going to jail.

        What an idiot.

        • I started smoking weed in 1979 as a teen. I’ve probably smoked more than either of you whiners. It just got to where I didn’t care for it anymore.

          Like I said, I am for legalizing pot. I’ve always been for legalization. I know it’s not that bad, both from my personal experience and from many years handling criminal cases as an attorney. I’ve handled every type of criminal case. I quit counting years ago after I’d handled 2,000 criminal cases. I’ve handled literally thousands of pounds worth of pot cases too, by the way.

          I know that most all marijuana related crime arises out of the fact that it is illegal. It’s nowhere near like alcohol which is a major contributing factor in most violent crime, or super addictive drugs like meth and heroin and cocaine where people become so addicted that they’ll do whatever it takes to get their drugs or get money to buy their drugs. Pot use really does very little harm to innocent people.

          We’re stopping absolutely nothing with our pot laws. We’re just enriching organized crime and making it easier for them to sell their meth and cocaine and heroin because they run it all through the same channels giving them access to millions and millions of people who buy their pot. We’re causing every problem we caused with alcohol prohibition and more. We are doing far more harm than good trying in vain to keep up this ban.

          Like alcohol, pot is too popular to ban, and it’s not such a threat that it makes any sense at all to keep this stupid thing going. According to federal numbers over half of all American adults under 65 have smoked it. Older teens have been reporting for years on government surveys that it’s as easy or easier for them to obtain pot than alcohol, and in recent years the survey results show that more older teens are smoking pot than cigarettes because even though it’s legal tobacco use is dropping. Pot is everywhere, super easy to obtain and cheaper than beer on a per use basis. And most everyone who wants to smoke it is already smoking it. It is insane for us to not to just regulate the marijuana industry and shrink the black market for drugs by several orders of magnitude.

          That said though, smoking pot all the time is a stupid waste of time. Most grown ups get this. And I agree with the author who seems to think that people whose lives revolve around pot are kind of annoying. Sorry if you don’t like that. It’s the way most people feel though, and that’s not going to change even after we legalize pot. I couldn’t care less if you smoke pot. I couldn’t care less if you smoke pot all the time. I wouldn’t hire people that smoke it all the time and don’t care to be around people that smoke it all the time. I wouldn’t want my daughters to be with young men who smoke weed all the time. And if you do smoke it all the time I hope you grow out of that phase in your life like I did a long time ago. It’s a waste of life and it stunts your growth mentally and emotionally to be someone who is stoned al the time.

  2. Well Kyle45, it sounds like you’re trying to be the poster child for the passive-aggressive afflicted. It’s just this kind of attitude that keeps cannabis illegal and keeps allowing hundreds of thousands of people to go to jail every year. For what? Smoking and annoying you?

    Hemp underwhelming? U.S. retailers revenue from all hemp products in 2010 was estimated to be $419 million – all from imported hemp. When’s the last time you underwhelmed the national economy that much?

    Will legalizing cannabis save the world? Who knows. But it’s a great step in the right direction, even if you do have to tolerate those annoying stoners. And I’ve met 100s more annoying non-smokers than those who light up. At least these folks have decided to take action and try to do something to make the world a better place. But gee, what a waste of time that must be.

    • Way045, I bet I’ve done more to legalize pot than you have. I agree that we will be better off as a nation when it happens. Read my other new posts above this one. I don’t care about pot smoking. I’ve smoked piles of it myself. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do it morning, noon and night and to have your life revolve around smoking pot though. It’s a vice that ought to be done in moderation if at all, but I certainly don’t care if you smoke it fifty times a day. It’s your life. Now let me have my opinions, which of course are right, about people who smoke weed constantly and let their entire lives revolve around it. 🙂

  3. Hey Eric Griffey,
    Thanks for the decent write up on the event. No thanks for the tired (albeit somewhat amusing) stereotypes. Snark, superiority complex, snark, useful info, snark… meh.

  4. Peace and Love!! 🙂 I know so many college students, scholars, teachers, managers, superiors, etc..that all have and do smoke/use weed as recreational purpose. No one has died from it, and if hemp is useful as is aloe vera, use it! Evey little bit helps. We can always do more, and it is not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!!

    One love!