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Becky Oliver has the most annoying delivery of any TV newsperson in the history of foreverness. But she makes for some interesting newscasts.

A tipster notified FOX4 News that Tarrant County employees were told to perform work on one of Fort Worth billionaire Ed Bass’s rural properties. Video crews in a vehicle and a helicopter recorded county employees using county equipment to knock down a fence and clear a tree line.

You know the drill: Oliver asks questions in her sandpaper voice that makes baby songbirds willingly fly headfirst into the nearest bus windshield.

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Brooks starts out bobbing and weaving, even becoming bold when he tells Oliver he might not get back to her on information because it’s not up to him to write her story.

Oh boy. That’s like poking a pit bull with a toothpick.

Brooks said he discussed the fence work with the district attorney, who recommended that the work be done.

But Oliver checked with the DA and discovered no such recommendation had been made.

The rest of the story involves a county road crew reportedly being used for subterfuge, and Brooks’ office calling the sheriff to report a suspected terrorist that turned out to be a FOX4 news photographer.

Blotch called Brooks to get his side of the story. If he he agrees to talk, his remarks will be added.

In the meantime, a county employee tells Blotch that a foreman at the Bass ranch called to say he was going to remove a barbwire fence but was worried about small trees growing through the fence line. Some trees belonged to the county since they were in the county right of way.

The ranch employee wondered how to remove the fence without impacting the county’s trees. In situations when trees on county property become entangled in private fences, county crews can prune away the trees.

But in this case, the county employee said, the fence was going to be destroyed and removed anyway, and so it was easier to use a front end loader and remove the fence and trees in one fell swoop rather than prune each individual tree.


Revisionist history or valid reasoning?

What do you think?



  1. Its good to be a FW billionaire –and to have those underutilized county employees available for your personal home improvement projects+ the price was right! (silly you- Jeff, you know that that’s the FW way!-lol)

  2. Wow, people getting freebies at taxpayer expense? Say it isn’t so! This sounds so familiar, like some of the current sleez on the FWISD board getting free cement driveways! Yep, definitely the “Fort Worth way”!