Late-breaking news, and it’s not good for Texas women who need health care: The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that Texas’ anti-abortion law can take effect tomorrow while a lawsuit challenging it goes forward. This ruling comes three days after District Judge Lee Yeakel struck down a key portion of the law requiring doctors at abortion clinics to obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. State attorney general Greg Abbott successfully argued to the appellate court that passing the law was a constitutional use of the legislature’s authority. This is not surprising, since the 5th Circuit Court is full of right-wing nutjobs. No wonder they’ve sided with the Republican effort to protect women by denying them access to medical treatment. Anyway, the court’s order stays in effect until a hearing in January. If you live in rural Texas and you need health care before then, be prepared to take a very long trip. This case is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court, so you’ll be hearing a lot more about this, dear readers.


  1. Too bad you are not as concerned with the sham and outrage which is the FWISD Bond election. The abortion issue is one we as voters have little control over until an election. The Bond however is an issue where on Tuesday even one person could make a difference, yet the Weekly is missing in action. The Startlegram is shamelessly cheerleading the Bond while opponents struggle to get the truth out. Contracts already promised to supporters of the Bond by Dansby; worthless land to be purchased from prominent Bond supporters; FWISD’s tax collector a major cash contributor to the Bond; Dansby’s Bond “advisor” AECOM a major cash contributor to the effort; and now the latest rumor: Dansby to get a job with AECOM when he leaves FWISD. We need to hear the facts from BOTH sides – something we expect from the Weekly as it simply isn’t there in the Startlegram. Yet not one story.

  2. Yes, I think the FW Weekly should not have written about anything else for the past six months except the school bond election. And tons of more stuff on Dansby. I feel I really don’t know him well enough, Like what he eats for breakfast and what was his favorite music video from the 80s (I hear he’s a fan of “Funky Cold Medina”). So I agree with Dsigusted. There should be nothing in the FW Weekly except what he approves of, and that right now is FWISD bond issue. Let’s be all bond issue, all the time. No music, no eats, chow baby on furlough, last call has to give up drinking. Static has to ignore pipelines and drought. Put Dsigusted on the FW Weekly payroll to be the sole chooser of content (permanent/part-time of course).