The MMQB‘s Michael McKnight wrote a fascinating but sad story about former Dallas Cowboys receiver Sam Hurd, a walking chimney who smoked more eye-crossing hydro in a day than Willie Nelson smokes in, uh, a day and a half.

Hurd, 29, said the killer weed helped him practice better and study game films more intently (I can vouch for the latter; I never watch Family Guy more intently than when lounging in Kushville).

Anybody who smokes weed knows you gotta buy it somewhere from somebody. Oft-times that somebody is a friendly sort who doesn’t charge much above cost, just a guy who gets his weed cheaper by buying in larger quantities and then spreads the love among his buddies.


That’s apparently the kind of guy Hurd was, based on McKnight’s 22-month investigation. Hurd, who played with the Cowboys from 2006 to 2010, would plop down $50,000 for 20 pounds of weed. That breaks down to about $150 an ounce for weed that typically sells for two or three times that amount.

Hurd was dealing in big volumes, but didn’t appear to be interested in maximizing profits. McKnight’s investigation indicated he mostly sold to friends and fellow players at little or no profit. (Hurd estimated that half the players in the NFL light up to some degree but know how to get around drug testing.)

Hurd’s stonerific life came to a crashing halt when he got involved in a cocaine deal, even though he says he was just a middleman helping out a friend, and that he didn’t do coke himself.

That’s basically what every kid says after being busted with a joint by his mom.

Hurd screwed up by buying in such bulk. Now he has to pay.

But facing the real possibility of spending life in prison for his crime — his only drug arrest — is ridiculous.

The War on Drugs is a joke with the DEA as the punchline. A joke that was never funny.





  1. If you do the crime you must do the time. Defending a coke dealers and criticizing the federsal government and the Drug Enforcement Agency is stupid

    • What’s stupid is the war on drugs. Take a look at how much is spent on fighting the losing war on drugs and then look at how much is spent on our public school system, that’s stupid.

      • Yeah, I am sick and tired of the cops always hassling those meth addicts on my street. They are mostly mild mannered folks, taking apart their carburetor and picking at the boils on their gums without incident. I just wish they would use the money they use for law enforcement to help the meth addicts with their stink. Maybe buy them all pine-scented air fresheners they can hang around their necks.