A murder suspect escaped in Downtown Fort Worth today. David Matthew Merrill, 36, of McKinney fled from his probation officers earlier today after being informed a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Merrill is suspected of murdering his father-in-law, well known rockabilly musician Rudy Mata, 56, of Kennedale.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting Merrill may have jumped into a Pontiac Sunfire and fled downtown. The police and sheriff’s department had been focusing on Belknap Street between Henderson and Main Streets.

Merrill had reportedly been free on bond but violated his bond by testing positive for methamphetamine.

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The suspect was last seen wearing a a maroon Henley style T-shirt with three buttons near the collar, a black jacket and jeans. He is considered by authorities to be armed and dangerous.



  1. For those of us who are not so fashion conscious, a “Henley style T-shirt” is one that has a few buttons on the top, kind of like a polo shirt but with a T-shirt collar. I had to Google it.