Well, this should confirm the worst fears of the rather large right-wing nutball bloc in Texas: Wendy Davis was named one of the Heroes of 2013 by Gawker, the liberal New York-based gossip and cultural/political commentary website. Wendy Davis is not one of us, and here’s proof!  True, she’s not a Republican primary voter who supports Creationism in the school textbooks and a virtual ban on reproductive health procedures for women in the state. She is, according to Gawker blogger Lacey Donohue, “the best thing to come out of Texas since Ann Richards and Birthday Cake Blue Bell Ice Cream.” (I’d substitute one small change: Blue Bell Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream instead.) Says Donohue:

“Davis is a hero because, like many, she’s dedicated her career to public service. But she’s also a hero because she’s put herself out there, opened herself up to attack, and made it clear that in a red-as-fuck state, she’s willing to take whatever punches she must endure in the hopes of achieving a more fair and just community.”

Whoa whoa whoa there, Ms. Commie New York Blogger! The Texas Republican Party’s version of Jesus doesn’t truck with fairness and justice. That means Davis’ opposition in the governor’s race will be formidable, but hell, just being a statewide Democratic candidate in Texas feels like an act of bravery/craziness. Somebody’s got to do it. Davis appears ready for a bruising, nationally scrutinized matchup with Greg Abbott. Brace yourself, political watchers –– it’s going to be a tough, nasty contest.