One advantage of being a non-football fan on Super Bowl Sunday is: You have the roads and highways virtually all to yourself. Starting late in the morning, football fans plant themselves at their watching party of choice and don’t leave the couch ‘til bedtime (if they leave the couch at all). Meanwhile, the city outside looks like a neutron bomb hit, leaving the roads and thoroughfares intact but abandoned. No doubt all that wonderful open space was on the minds of people who organized The 2014 Stupor Bowl Ride, a free urban community bike ride for folks with some experience in long-distance rides. Participants will meet up with their bikes 7am Sun Feb 2 at Trinity Bicycles downtown (343 Throckmorton St, FW). From there, they’ll make one more stop in Fort Worth before heading to Dallas –– yep, Dallas –– for a group lunch at an as-yet-undetermined location and then roll back to Cowtown. For cyclists who embark from Trinity Bicycles, that’s roughly a 75-mile round trip jaunt. Friendly and conducted at a fairly casual pace, yes, but a 75-mile round trip nonetheless.