If you were going to take your sick dog to a veterinarian in Fort Worth prior to today, you might have read online reviews of local clinics and chosen Camp Bowie Animal Clinic.

Most of those online reviewers showered the clinic and its owner with compliments.

“Dr. Tierce is the absolute best and most experienced vet in the area” one said.


“Only true vet left in Fort Worth,” another wrote.

“Everyone here is awesome,” wrote another.

On and on they go.

However, if you had taken your dog to Camp Bowie Animal Clinic today, you would have discovered police officers investigating allegations of animal abuse.

Numerous reports surfaced describing an Aledo family’s accusations that clinic owner Lou Tierce used their dog as a pin cushion of sorts.

The couple said the vet told them their dog needed to be put down for a spinal condition. But more than six months later they discovered their dog was still alive, and were told by a former clinic employee that the dog was being used as a blood donor for transfusions.

Since then, police have removed several dogs from the clinic as part of the investigation.

Today’s online reviews are almost universally damning.

But, based on the old reviews, most customers seemed to appreciate Tierce and the level of care he provided for their pets over the years.

Still, it made me wonder when I read this review written over a year ago by a woman who worked at the clinic in the 1970s:

“People would bring a dog in to be put to sleep because they could not afford the cost to care for it and Dr. T. would have them sign it over to him and he would doctor it at his own expense instead of killing it, then he would find a new home for the dog.”


  1. Cruel son of a bastard. How about Tierce. Why don’t you bring your children to my house and let me experiment with my hammer and chisel on their leg bones for sculpting practice? you sick !@#$.

          • A casual glance at the (criminal?) back round of the “whistle blower” and some more substantial investigation of the dog’s “family” and vet supporters, may be a start. I realize that the “less formal” print/internet media has found a way to stir up the less informed population of readers against hard working and much put upon professionals by endorsing convenient state bureaucrat assisted “witch hunts”. What about those state or federal agencies, BTW– who populates them? When regulatory bureaucrats aren’t surfing the net to look for low level problems to ensnare unwitting professionals or reportedly using the state payroll to “recreationally” view inappropriate web sites, what do they do to justify their nearly six figure salaries? But let’s not ask any hard questions and kill the mood.( BTW- You just stirred up a psycho–above- who wants to experiment on the Vets kids–and this was your LEAD comment). He/she may just be a nasty sociopath,drug user or drunk but who knows? The” incredibly shrinking ” FWST has pulled this kind of BS for years until they successfully alienated the ordinary “no axe to grind” paying customer. BTW–I know that your next comment will have something to do with projecting my views as unbiased based on any personal involvement I may havewith regulators. (It’s how the game is played–right?) I will tell you in advance–I have none (if that will do any good), but I know how this sub class of government works to perpetuate itself “in the public interest”. (LOL)

          • Incidentally– the splotches of blood as an introductory illustration really convince us that you are “objective”. You can do a better job Jeff–Pull it together–Please!

  2. We’ve used Dr. Tierce for about 15 years, and he’s never been anything but kind, gentle and generous. It doesn’t look good, but I am trying to reserve judgment until the investigation is complete.

  3. More horror stories will surface. I worked for him a while back. He puts on a good show but he is beyond unethical. Praying for justice. He needs his license revoked. He is not a vet because he loves animals. Hoping Terrell Rourk will break away from that horrid hell hole and start his own practice. Terrell is a good doc.

    • I worked for him and he treated me and all others like crap. The place was not sanitary. He hoards frozen dead animal.curses everyone.bad bad place to work.

    • I worked for him and he treated me and all others like crap. The place was not sanitary. He hoards frozen dead animal. Curses his employees and never seemed to care for animals. That was in 2008 though.

    • Worked for dr. Tierce and he treated me and all others like crap. The place was not sanitary. He hoards frozen dead animal. Curses his employees and never seemed to care for animals. That was in 2008 though.

  4. I researched the reviews on line in the spring of 2013, and choose Camp Bowie Animal Clinic. I cannot praise Dr. Terrell Rourk enough! He was knowledgeable, always found time to talk with me, or “squeeze me in” if I needed to bring my cat in on short notice. He was accurate and realistic in his diagnosis and assessment of my twenty something year old cat’s throat cancer. He instructed me on how to care for him at home, to save me multiple trips to the vet. He was caring and compassionate, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good veterinarian. My experience with the clinic and the staff I encountered was excellent. I was totally shocked to read of today’s events. I only briefly met Dr. Tierce, but heard wonderful stories about generations of families relying on his veterinary services from people I spoke with while at the clinic. I am saddened by Sid’s (and alledgedly others) treatment. I will be following this story, and I will follow Dr. Terrell Rourk wherever he is because he is an excellent veterinarian, and should not be perceived negatively because of his association with Dr. Tierce.

    • Ruth, we had the exact same experience with Dr Roarke last year when our bulldog was diagnosed with renal failure by another vet. I drove 43 miles each way and he would always accommodate me and fit us in 2-3 times a month as we fought to keep Winston’s life extended and comfortable. He also gave us the supplies to administer IVs at home for a cost of less than $100 after we spent over $1200 for a 3 day hospital stay while we were traveling with Winston. Granted the place would not win any awards for cleanliness and beauty but I would take any pet to see him even if he were practicing in a barn. I find it odd that according to the family’s attorney they originally left their dog at the clinic from May 2013 -Sept 2013 for treatment and only called to check on him and didn’t actually go see him until September then made the decision shortly after to put the dog to sleep and even if they didn’t have the courage to stay with Sid while he was put to sleep they didn’t even ask for the ashes or to visit the gravesite. Something doesn’t add up with this story.

      • Sherry, I totally agree with you. Dr. Roarke is fantastic. He has cared for three of our pets and is currently helping our elderly cat deal with Pancreatitis. I too, can’t imagine leaving a pet for months and never seeing him. The bill must have been quite large. It all sounds fishy and I hope the truth comes out. People here obviously like to point fingers and yell when they don’t have all the facts. I hope, also, that Roarke will still be local and continue caring for our cat.

        • There are some weird and incongruous parts of this story that do not add up. Like the ( alleged whistle blower) employee knew about the dog’s “condition” for several months but didn’t do anything. til leaving..How ethical is that? The owners went to a vet who”couldn’t find a single vein”–and that supposedly adds up to repeated transfusions?? (How about dehydration) The family who didn’t see the dog during or after euthanasia took the dog for an MRI (which costs $500-1000) and requires intravenous sedation + an endo tracheal tube on a dog which has NO Accessible veins????? Something is fishy. I don’t know the Vet but I think that people should calm down and think about this whole thing before going ballistic. Blog writers and talking heads on the news can be sensationalistic rather than analytic, in my experience…

          • When I worked for Dr. Tierce, blood donations were drawn from the neck, not the tiny veins in the legs. The story about blown veins is just that, a fabrication. And blood donation there is UNCOMMON! We normally only needed it when we had an animal that had been hit by a car or otherwise severely injured.

            Our blood donor dog then was one whose owner had brought him in for a ruptured bladder. After all the surgery and treatment, he couldn’t afford to pay the bill so abandoned the dog. I wonder some about Sid’s owners and their motivations as well.

            The woman who called the owners was a FORMER employee, who says she quit because she couldn’t hanl;e the “abuses” yet she was there for months. Then she claims “well, I have a criminal record and I thought no one would believe me”. SERIOUSLY? Either she was fired, or about to be fired, and this is her parting shot. And I really am curious about this criminal record.

    • I hope people really aren’t dumb enough to ever go back to Dr. Tierce or Dr Rourk because if a vet tech knew about the abuse obviously this piece of garbage Dr Rourk did too. I hope they both are thrown in jail an neither one are ever allowed to practice medicine ever again. This is a sick story no matter what their reasoning was

      • I agree. I always thought a lot of Terrell Rourk, but he KNEW this was going on. He saw the Border Collie missing a leg, with dislocated shoulders, etc, laying suffering in a box DAILY. He should be held accountable as an accessory!

      • I also agree. The State Veterinary Board needs to investigate Dr. Rourk to see if his license should be pulled also. And Tierce’s wife was the clinic manager – she should be held legally accountable as well.

        Perhaps the people coming to Tierce’s defense just don’t want to admit to themselves that their willingness to trust him as a vet may have led to their pets possibly being abused also.

  5. I’m sorry, whoever say’s this guy is a good person, ooooo ya people are making me even more mad at this dude. He took an oath and he broke it! He doesn’t deserve to be a vet! I pray to God he learns his mistakes! he better not lay one finger on another patient (animal)! In a few years I’m gonna become a Vet, at least I won’t break that oath, unlike some other people!

  6. We have been clients of Camp Bowie Animal Clinic for over 20 years. I do not believe that Dr. Tierce has done anything wrong or illegal. He is the best veterinarian I have ever dealt with, he is kind and always does what is best for the animal. He has always (no matter how busy) made time to talk to me and keep me informed of treatments being done. I have called this man at 6 am on a Saturday to see if he could help me with a baby squirrel I found in my yard the night before, he was very helpful and got me in touch with a rescue person that morning. Not many vets would have been there at 6 am and even fewer would have helped me out with that situation or even taken the call. If he did what he is accused of doing then there must have been a good reason for it. He is a wonderful vet and I will continue to use Camp Bowie Animal Clinic and I think it will be proven that he has done nothing wrong.

    • You’re pretty stupid aren’t you? You don’t think what he did is wrong? The cops were there confiscating animals, you idiot.

    • So either Pierce is a monster and you’re wrong OR – the family AND clinic employee AND individual who posted on the comments sections are wrong or mistaken. Maybe it was their dog’s twin they found in that kennel?

    • You are definitely stupid. Paying clients only see the pretty side because that’s it…you pay $$$. Finally time Tierce got caught. He is a monster.

    • Are you kidding me? What is wrong with you? The other vet is to blame too he know what was going on and did nothing. Disgusting.

    • Are you kidding me? What is wrong with you? The other vet is to blame too he knew what was going on and did nothing. Disgusting.

    • He couldn’t do anything illegal or unethical huh?
      Why don’t you read his OWN admissions in the Order of Temporary Suspension?! His *own* dog laid in a box & *he* admits it should have been put down, *he* admits he only gave it food & water, NO medical treatment. The dog was found *twitching in pain*. And it laid there *A YEAR*!! Oh but, yeah, I’m sure it wasn’t illegal or unethical to do that either…

    • Perhaps the people standing knee deep in that Egyptian river of Denial need to see videotaped evidence from the raid to FINALLY believe that he virtually tortured his own border collie and admitted it to law enforcement officers?

      Sure, Tierce could have presented a wonderful and caring face to those clients, my abusive ex fooled both my mother and sister when they stayed with us for a week. And even Joseph Mengele probably managed to heal some patients.

  7. Name calling will get you no where with me. All I have done is defend a man that I know and respect from rumors that he has done something wrong. No one has proven any of this, that is why there is an ongoing investigation. I at least know Dr. Tierce unlike most of the people who are posting ugly things about him on here. Yeah I am the idiot in this group alright!

  8. Notice how the carefully worded article says “most” reviews. There are actually several critical reviews from 2013 & prior about this vet’s office on Yelp and other sites. Thirty seconds of google use turns up several negative reviews from pet owners who struggled with this vet’s office – sanitary conditions being a major concern, as well as the doctor’s rudeness and attitude. One from December 2013 even begins with the ominous sentence, “Please, I implore you, do not take your pets here.” Next time, do some research before printing.

    • I used the word “most” because the large majority of online reviews were positive. I appreciate you giving me credit for my “carefully worded” prose. I spent hours coming up with “most.” I googled and googled and discovered an online dictionary and was eventually able to zero in on that perfect word. It’s nice to know my efforts have been recognized. And, on a personal level, it’s fulfilling to know that I still possess the artistic and creative drive, nay, vision that drove the greats (Steinbeck, Hemingway, myself ) to shine like literary diamonds in the sky of truth.

      • I apologize for coming off so harsh, although I do wish the negative reviews had been mentioned as well. Several of even the positive reviews also mentioned hygiene/cleanliness issues at the clinic, which, as a pet owner, would be a red flag for me. All that aside, this situation is horrifying and I personally find it very upsetting, so I may have gotten a bit snarkier than necessary in my comments. 🙂

        • No problem, I was just having some snarky fun this morning when I came into work and saw your comment. I’m easily entertained. Peace and love!

  9. I have also known people with very bad experiences at this vet. Unfortunately some people aren’t real bright and believe just because the man has good people skills they comment he’s a brilliant vet, or excellent vet, or best vet ever. All terms used by people in comment sections for this story. I’m sure the people believe it; they just don’t look hard enough to see through the front.

    • This is so ridiculous, as I said I have been going there for more than 20 years and of course I know it isn’t the cleanest office however the level of care given to the animals is so much more important than when was the last time someone cleaned the office. I have never been in an exam room that wasn’t in order and clean enough for me to not be afraid of taking my baby dog in. I have had more than one animal who has had to stay for a few days and I never saw any problems on my visits to be with them. I am suspicious of these owners since the story seems to be that they left the dog there from May to Sept and I am wondering how often they visited him in those 4 months. I am also not sure I believe the story that they were told after all that time (and how much money this must have cost) that the dog had problems so bad it should be put down. If Dr. Tierce thought it should be put down he would have done it in my opinion, I can’t see him letting an animal suffer. I can see him keeping an animal that he felt was unwanted or mistreated though. Also this story originated with a fired employee, I’m sure she is bitter and though she was right about the dog being alive that is the only truth we have right now. So we will see what the investigation uncovers until then I’m not going to believe that there was anything unethical going on.

      • Just continue to bury your head in the sand. If a vets office is not sanitary they are not providing good care to animals. Some of the most evil people in this world have great people skills and are able to practice their own form of hell on animals or humans because of their great deception techniques. If you ever take your animal back to these demons you should have your animal taken away from you.

        • I happen to personally know one of the vet-techs at that clinic. Several months ago she told me about a dog that ‘had an anal gland problem that was offensive to the owners and they want the dog put down because they are having company and couldn’t deal with the issue.’ She said that none of them at the clinic could bare to do it. She said that the family was either unable or unwilling to pay for the dog’s treatments. The owner did NOT pay for treatment, euthanasia or burial. How sick must the dog have been for such selfless, loving owners to be willing to leave the dog to be put to sleep? After “months of abuse” the dog was able to jump into the family’s vehicle? Has anyone looked into the motivations and character of this woman? Would a person with a felony assault conviction in Arizona be a reliable enough witness to hang this doctor and his whole staff by Internet lynch mob? How many innocent people have been ruined by petty, vindictive, slanderous people?

  10. When I adopted my two dogs and decided on a vet, I am so glad it wasn’t this “little shop of horrors.” I use the ABC Animal Clinic on I-35 just south of downtown. Dr Snodgrass met me and my sick dog on a Sat. before hours with out an appointment the second time I went there. He even gave me his cell phone number (as he does with all of his clients) in case I had any emergencies after hours. Sadly I don’t live there anymore but wish I could find the same caliber of vet where I live now.

  11. What’s this – guilty until proven innocent? How our society has changed!

    I have an appointment this Saturday to bring my 19-year-old cat to see Dr. Tierce. She has been his patient since being a kitten and was not the first animal I brought to him. He has been an excellent vet all this time, and I think by now I know him pretty well. He loves animals and works tirelessly with great skill to help them. About four years ago I brought him a dog that I had found on the highway run over. Another vet recommended the dog be put down, but Dr. Tierce repaired his hip with a plate and the dog now lives with me, my wife and our two cats. We are very satisfied customers and would deeply regret if we are forced to find a another (read: lesser) vet.

    • You don’t have an appointment Saturday anymore. Better start shopping for a new vet. Tierce is unlicensed, thank God!!

  12. I have been going to Camp Bowie Animal Clinic and particularly Lou Tierce for about 25 or more years. He has taken care of all of our dogs and cats for that period of time. At no time was he anything but compassionate, honest to a fault, and probably the most knowledgeable vet in the area and possibly the Southwest. If this allegation is true, you, I, cannot wipe out a lifetime of achievement over one alleged accusation. This man works for the good of his patients and their owners 24/7 to his detriment. I have seen him doze off in mid sentence because he was so tired from working all night. At no time in all my years of going to Camp Bowie Animal Clinic have I ever had anything but trust and respect! I have always been thankful that there is such a dedicated and practiced vet that I trust to take care of our animal family members. When we lose Lou Tierce, we will be losing a true treasure!!!!!!!

    • Looks like you’re losing your “true treasure”…I feel nauseated… He is going down, a true gift to the world will be when this monster is permanently stripped of his DVM license. Sit tight, it’s coming soon. Better start shopping for a new vet.

  13. Dr. Tierce has taken care of three generations worth of bird dogs for me and he was great with each one one of our 6 dogs. I would be interested if anyone on this board who is condemning actually used Dr. Tierce as his/her vet.

  14. I too have been going to Dr. Tierce for over 20 years, and in that time we have had 4 animals pass away. Every time Dr. Tierce has walked us through every single option and “putting the animal down” was always the very last and worst case scenario, not just for us but for him too. He never wanted that. This man loves animals, possibly more than humans (don’t blow that out of proportion). Speaking of blown out of proportion, all we have is some person CLAIMING that Dr. Tierce has done something illegal, which I will stand in front of his clinic and defend him at all costs. You do not know what has really happened, you do not know whether these allegations hold any water, all you know is the thing some person has said and in my humble opinion that is not enough to discredit this brilliant man of his lifetime of taking care of animals. Here’s an idea: wait until there is actual FACT before you blood thirsty hounds (pun intended) draw your conclusions. I apologize if that is too blunt for some of you, but as I have said, this man is a wonderful Dr. and he deserves the respect of everyone! Dr. Lou Tierce is a saint! And he puts the well being of his patients above all else.

  15. Please read the review I left for Dr. Tierce on on 3/3/2012.

    Cumulatively, our family had 40 years of experience with that clinic, and it never occurred to us that our trust was grossly misplaced until he killed our cat. After repeated attempts to see our pet, whereupon we were refused, we forced our way in and took our cat from the 2nd floor room they have the nerve to call their intensive care unit. It was stacked high with plastic bins and trash cans, each holding a pet lying in it’s own waste. The stench gagged us, and I will never forget what I saw there. Before that day, I, too, would have defended Tierce but no more. We complained, but no one seemed to care, because our beloved pet was dead.

    To those who would defend him still, I urge you to reconsider, as every time you take your pet to Tierce, you’re playing Russian roulette with your pet’s life. And while he did, at times, take care of our pets, nothing good he has done could ever condone the indescribable pain, harm, and torment he has caused countless animals and their unsuspecting owners. I will never forgive him for what he did to a cherished member of our family.

  16. That sick piece of sh*t vet needs to be locked in a cage 23.5 hours a day like the dogs he abused until he dies. He better have his licenses yanked.

  17. I will wait until I hear the final outcome of this before I judge. However, if it is found that the allegations against him are in fact true, I believe he should spend 10 times the amount of time Sid spent in those horrible conditions: caged for 23.5 hours a day, living in his own urine and feces, and bled regularly. If this is true, I am quite sure that other employees, including co-vets, knew this was going on the entire time. They, too, should spend the same amount of time in the same conditions. For the clinic employee who reported this to Sid’s owners, I applaud you if your allegations are true. If not, shame on you for breaking hearts of millions of pet lovers. If you are telling a falsehood, you should be punished severely and be forced to get a mental evaluation and never be allowed to work in a service industry for humans or pets.

  18. In the challenging arena of any professional of stature, there will be times when his integrity is called into question. This is the real and unfortunate truth that accompanies a life of service. It is no surprise that there is only one such vet as Dr. Tierce given the circumstances that we now see play out. However, the decades of diligence and selfless labor to the throngs who knock at his door after hours for the help that they know only he will give cannot be erased by one week of a swirling maelstrom of imperfect information generated by the bored and uninformed.
    Dr. Tierce saved our dogs on more than one occasion; we were the frantic pet owners at the front door with snakebites, ingested corncobs, car accidents, and dangerous deliveries. On every occasion, the door was opened, relief was forthcoming, and we went home grateful that such a place existed upon which we could rely. I have spent many hours in the waiting room and never once have I seen a client who, knowing the man and knowing the circumstances, would question his judgment.
    The truth of the matter stands that a reputation and character cemented by a lifetime of service should not be tarnished by the unsubstantiated accusations of the bored social media pets. No doubt, thousands of grateful hearts rally to concur. Any brave soul who would take his place to devote a life to education, appalling hours, and unswerving devotion to the cast off pets of clients who cannot be bothered with their care- please come take his place.
    May common sense prevail.

    • Amen. If doctors for humans had 1/10th of the compassion for their patients as Dr. Tierce the profession would be 1000 times better and the population 1000 times healthier.

      • The reason that your theory is completely off base is that humans through their own self indulgent and thoughtless behavior –violence, recklessness, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse tobacco use–just to name a few– create much of their own personal health care misery, which no doctor or health care system can solve. The media is really great at instigating anti-professional sentiment, though, and you are obviously a sucker for it.

  19. On a day when ice shut down almost everything in the city, Dr Tierce has WALKED miles to the clinic to make sure the animals were fed, had water, and were given their meds. I have complete trust and respect for him.

  20. On ice days, when the city was shut down, Dr. Tierce would WALK miles to his clinic to make sure the animals were fed, had water, and had their meds. He has nothing but my complete support and trust.

  21. This Clinic should NEVER be left or responsible for any animal ever again…. Everyday their is something horrific on FB involving an animal and the next day there is something worse. I am discussed with what some Humans will stoop to. I will prey that Karma will get them

  22. I cannot say enough about the good this man(Dr. Lou Tierce) has been to myself and my family. I’m raising 3 dogs with his help now. We live in Aledo too, we always have thought the world of Dr. Tierce. Last thanksgiving I was in London, our sitter let our Doberman (Lily Bug) out in the ice storm and she was hit my a car. Dr. Tierce as there for her, by her side until she passed. He called me in London to tell me himself to try and ease our pain. I flew home as fast as possible to take her home, When I went to receive her, Dr. Tierce took almost two hours to sew up her blanket for her to be buried. He said she was still his patient until this last stitch was finished and he was going to take his time to do it right. I watched as we both fought real tears.

  23. I pray that this clinic will remain open with Dr. Tierce at the helm. Dr. Tierce has given so much to this community, above and beyond what any other vets has EVER accomplished. I would trust him with my life. His reputation is so widespread that people from all of Texas come to seek his expertise. I have known Dr. Tierce and his family members for 20 years. They all have outstanding accomplishments. Please do not be so fast to pass judgment.

  24. Jeff: Not sure if you got the ball rolling on this story, but it’s the lead story in the New York Daily news today and near the top in the New York Post. They had to reach a long way to get it.

  25. I have known Dr. Tierce for over twenty years. During that time I have brought him five pets and one rescue that I re-homed because he was terrorizing my 19-year-old cat. So I know something about the man, and I love animals. So let me please answer some of the vicious absurd allegations I have been hearing.

    Some people are pro-life; others are pro-death. Dr. Tierce is pro-life. If he kept a dog alive when the owner wanted to kill it, it’s because he wanted to help the dog. If he took blood from the dog it was to help other dogs and was a consequence of the dog being in his care, not the reason for it. If he experimented on the dog… What does that word mean anyway? How can any meaningful information be taken from that single word without knowing more detail, except for its use in stirring up a mob, and YOU ARE PART OF THAT MOB. Stop it; you’re killing him!

    • No one is killing him…Dr. Tierce killed himself and his career all on his own !!

      The “MOB” as you put it didn’t start with anyone here or on review sites. The “MOB” started when many of his patients with pets stated in various places on the net.. Now and in the past years, such as,”Oh, sure his clinic is not the cleanest but he is still a good doctor.” Or “He’s cheap and he could charge more but he doesn’t”

      After reading the report from the link below. For which it confirms findings of BUGS in exam rooms, garbage, unsanitary conditions. I ask how or why anyone continued to go see him before any of this came to light to the general public?

      The answer is because according to various patients is that he was cheaper in his charges and fees compared to other vets. You and everyone else had to have noticed bugs, unhealthy conditions and sickly dogs he kept. yet you all sacrificed your pets,families and home on chances of bugs or diseases all to save what ? A mere $15.00 on exams?

      That my friend is the “MOB” …. The original mob. You, his employees, the other doctor there and the patients. You all should be held accountable as well for not reporting these conditions. You all are considered the origin of his demise. Not the bystanders .

      One other thing. Pro life? So that means if you asked the human doctor to take off the ventilation equipment on your vegetative state Mother because you feel they shouldnt suffer anymore. Then find out a yr later she is still being kept alive and you paid all the hospital costs…All because your doctor was pro life? That would be ok in your book?

      That is unethical ! Whether it be a human doctor or animal doctor.

      Don’t tell me animals are different than humans either. We all breathe the same air.

  26. The order of temporary license suspension says it all. This man has seriously violated several articles in the Texas Veterinary Practice Act: proof positive. He doesn’t deserve to hold a veterinary license and it will be permanently revoked. He will most likely be convicted of animal cruelty as well. For all of you who have had positive experiences with this vet, count yourself lucky. This is just another example of a situation of a very bad person that has the ability to charm and deceive others. Hitler, Manson and the list goes on.

    • Lu Tierce is anything but charming, especially if you show yourself as unwilling to properly care for your pets. You don’t know him if you can say that he is charming. You also apparently have no idea how the news creates a false impression of reality as it has done here.

  27. These articles have comment sections so that ALL people can express their opinions – whether they are in line with your opinions or not. My opinions on this matter are based on the arrest warrant from the FW Police and the information that it contained, the fact that dogs were removed from the CBAC and had to be put down – after examination by a local veterinarian who has been practicing since 1971 and is a member in good standing of American Animal Hospital Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Tarrant & Dallas County Vet Associations, Texas Veterinary Association and Humane Society of North Texas, the fact that Tierce signed a written statement admitting that he kept dogs alive that should have been put down, and the document regarding the suspension of his license :, plus the fact that the dog with the dislocated leg, two dislocated shoulders that had been laying in the clinic for almost a year was Tierce’s OWN dog -according to him,

  28. Back in 1996 I had a ten year old yorkie with a neck problem. My then vet said she needed to be put down. Nothing could be done for her.

    Took her to Dr. Tierce for a second opinion and within FIVE seconds he diagnosed a problem with the fourth vertebra in the thoracic region. On a scale of 1-10, the problem was a 3. In three months’ time with simple medication she was back to normal.

    Could your vet do this?

    YES, he is a gift of god to the animal!!

    • Tanya-you are wasting your time with this hot headed group.

      Madame DeFarge cackling as heads rolled off of the guillotine had more objectivity The media in this country has fallen to a new low, but lets not let revelations of the full set of facts get in the way of sensationalism….

  29. Jeff Prince, will there be a story on Terrell Rourk? While I liked him as my vet, he is an accessory to severe abuse. I’m sure Fort Worth and the world would like to read his views on all of this.

    • I live in Fort Worth and would certainly be very interested in learning about Dr. Rourk’s explanation of how he could have seen the border collie that was being so horribly neglected and been so callous as to have done nothing to help it in it’s suffering. Hopefully the State Veterinary Board will be interested in that matter as well.

  30. I worked for Dr. Tierce when I was in high school, as my sister did also a few years later. These allegations of “experimentation” are complete B.S., there was never any “experimentation” because this isn’t a research clinic. Organs in jars? EVERY vet clinic just about has at least one dog’s heart in a jar, sliced open to show what it looks like when a dog dies of heartworms!

    I think part of the story here is missing. When I worked there, we had a white shepherd whose owner dropped him off for serious medical treatment (the dog had ruptured its bladder), but couldn’t pay and abandoned the dog. That dog was the office pet! We loved on him and gave him treats and he had the run of the back of the clinic. He was used as a blood donor, but the need for blood donations was uncommon — usually it was something used to save the life of some poor pooch that had been hit by a car. Did Sid’s owners just abandon him for euthanasia because they couldn’t afford treatment? That will come out in time.

    Furthermore, who is Mary Brewer, the former employee? I’d LOVE to hear from the clinic employees and staff what they think of HER. Disgruntled ex-employee starts a shitstorm, is what I think. She *says* she quit, but I wonder if she was fired, and if so, why.

    Dr. Tierce has been taking care of my family’s pets since well before I graduated high school in 1980. Just last week he went to great lengths to save my sister’s beagle, who had gotten into a houseguest’s suitcase and eaten a bottle of Advil. This wasn’t easy — Dr. Tierce rotated the pup through a hyperbaric chamber to get the kidney enough oxygen, and then IV hydration to help flush the stuff out. Most vets would have just put the dog down. Dr. Tierce saved that dog, and hundreds of others. He’s a hero.

  31. To the people whom I have suggested are part of a mob, here’s why: You’re letting the media stir you up based on emotions rather than thinking based on facts. Then you jump to conclusions and clamor for extreme punishment. Sorry, I don’t see that much difference in attitude from the kind with pitchforks and torches. Either way, it looks like hatred to me. Jesus said, and I agee, that hatred equals murder.

    To quote one, for example “Given the facts at hand, Dr. Tierce seems to have taken advantage of the situation for his own benefit” There is no factual basis for saying “for his own benefit”, but there is an emotional one. In fact, he does what he does for the benefit of the animals and those clients who love their animals. This is a fact based on my own knowledge of the man and also what I heard last Friday May 9th at the hearing in Austin. Sometimes he fails to charge for his services, and Harris admitted in the hearing that he had not charged her at times. Usually someone who is motivated by greed tries a little harder to get money than Dr. Tierce.

    Let’s think about what his intentions were, since I know the law considers them. Maybe if not for this mob and the media attention Marian Harris has been getting, Dr. Tierce would be fined and allowed to continue working 15-20 hours per day saving the lives of pets with difficult conditons that other vets don’t want to bother with. Maybe with some oversight or the like… But now what?

    Let’s think about Harris’s intentions, too. I heard Dr. Tierce say in the hearing that she originally brought Sid to the clinic with an anal gland issue and then did not return to visit him for four months. This allegation was not challenged in the hearing. Maybe Sid was not quite as much beloved as we are being led to believe. What about the $1,000,000 lawsuit filed by Harris? Maybe it’s really been about the money all along.

    Just think about it, people. Things aren’t always as they seem.

    • This is also a case of “style over substance” and -by all means- let’s keep the Government “Regulatory classes” busy with professional victims who will not be able to fight back except through very expensive legal representation. I too take a very dim view of the dog’s “family’– whose newly discovered “pain and suffering” has an astounding 1 million dollar price tag. (What a crock!). The media is completely out of control locally and nationally–pushing a specific agenda which has little to do with moral reality. This agenda requires marginalization and demonization of hard working professionals and willful destruction of good people’s lives to serve some ill defined media “populism”. No scrutiny is given to highly placed con men (usually politicians, heads of specific organizations) as long as they adhere to socialist vagaries. Funny you should mention Christ since this contingent has clearly embraced an unforgiving agenda decades ago.

  32. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


    Dr. Tierce has never worked a day in his life but rather has dedicated his life to a calling. I have never seen anything like it… in any profession.

    In 1996 with a recommendation from a long time Fort Worth resident we took a dog that had been recommended for euthanization to Dr. Tierce. Glad we did, that dog lived another 10 years thanks to Dr. Tierce. We have been clients ever since. With the same breed we have had surgeries to mend torn ACLs, cancer treatments as well as numerous other less life-threatening illnesses.

    It is clear to anyone who has had a long-term relationship with Camp Bowie Animal Clinic that….yeah maybe it’s a little cluttered and you have to wait for your appointment, but people gladly do what they must do to get the very best care for their precious pets.
    Dr. Tierce is a man of science and with that comes a dedication to research, identifying and try to find answers about the science of animals. When you mix together that dedication to science, his endless knowledge and the compassion for animals the result is Dr. Lou Tierce.

  33. Starting in 1986 Dr. Treybig of Arlington was my Yorkie’s vet for ten years.

    In October 1996 my then 10-year-old Yorkie suffered a neck injury. Dr. Treybig said she could do nothing for my dog and that she needed to put her down. I asked her for a release of my dog’s records.

    Then I found Dr. Tierce for a second opinion. Within five seconds of observation he stated: “It’s obvious she has a problem with disc #4 of the thoracic region.” Within three months of medication treatment, my Yorkie was back to normal and lived for another SEVEN years.

    You need to be going after these incompetent vets who do not have the knowledge and/or do not take the time to cure animals that Dr. Tierce has done in his 48 years of experience. He has saved thousands of patients.

    Yes, people wait for a long time in his lobby to see him because they value his expertise that no one has, and also he doesn’t work on a 20-minute appointment schedule. He will spend as much as is needed to make sure that the client has a complete understanding of their pet’s affliction.