If you’re intent on experiencing the rock outfit Uncle Lucius at a live show (and you should be), then your best bet is to search outside their home base of Austin.

“We’re on the road every Wednesday through Sunday,” said Kevin Galloway, the quintet’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. “For us, touring is everything. Like any band, you want to make a studio recording, to make art, but performing on the road has helped our group evolve. There are already plenty of bands who can make great recordings, but they can’t all perform.”

Galloway said he’s always felt at home on the road, honing his craft in front of live audiences night after night, and their self-imposed exodus on the road is starting to pay dividends. People keep asking the guys back.

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Part of Uncle Lucius’ traveling includes a stop Friday at the Fort Worth Music Festival, where Galloway, lead guitarist Michael Carpenter, drummer Joshua Greco, and keyboardist Jonathan Grossman will perform and do some spectating.

“After our show, I’m sticking around to hear some of my favorite bands like the Quaker City Night Hawks,” Galloway said.

The bruising, bluesy Fort Worth quintet opened for Uncle Lucius a couple of years ago in Oklahoma City, Galloway recalled: “We hadn’t met them before. Since that show, we’ve played together at Magnolia Motor Lounge. They’re such a solid band.”

Like Quaker City, Uncle Lucius draws from the Delta and classic rock for inspiration.

“Every modern form of American music, in my opinion, came from the blues,” Galloway said. “Blues is a mix of the feeling and musical form. I grew up on old country and got into blues when I was 15 listening to T-Bone Walker, Ray Charles, and then Led Zepplin and the Rolling Stones. That kinda music gets under your skin, and it has stood the test of time. Blues isn’t something I’ve tried to incorporate into my music. It comes naturally.”

Galloway moved from his childhood hometown of Freeport, Tex., to Austin in 2002. Though he had been playing guitar since 15, he hadn’t thought about performing professionally until landing in the state capital.

“When I moved to Austin, I was working several part-time jobs,” he said. “I started Uncle Lucius with bassist Hal Vorphal in 2006. I did most of the songwriting, and I slowly met the other band members while gigging around town. Now we’re touring nationally. It beats having a 9-to-5 job, but when we’re in [Austin], we take break from each other to focus on family life.”

Galloway said he’s excited to be performing in Fort Worth again.

“We love outdoor festivals,” he said. “The Fort Worth Music Festival has a great lineup, and it’s always good to be in front of a captive audience of a few thousand.”

Uncle Lucius

Fort Worth Music Festival w/Lucinda Williams, Billy F. Gibbons, Jimmy Eat World, The Airborne Toxic Event, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Jackopierce, Justin Townes Earle, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Aaron Behrens & The Midnight Stroll, Air Review, Quaker City Night Hawks, Oil Boom, Quiet Company, Foxtrot Uniform, The Fox and the Bird, Ice Eater, Team, Ronnie Fauss, Patriot Fri-Sat. $32-90. Panther Island Pavilion, 395 Purcey St, FW.