I won’t go as far as to say that last night’s Jimmy Buffet concert at Coyote Drive-In was the best concert of the year. (So far, that distinction goes to the Pinkish Black/Sub Oslo show at Lola’s Saloon last Saturday.) But it was still pretty awesome.

Of course, I’m a Jimmy Buffet homer, but being able to see him in my own town without having to sit through Kenny Chesney or some other country doofus was a huge bonus, and the Coyote was the perfect spot. Even the camera crews –– the concert was being simulcast to drive-ins all over the country –– were unobtrusive.

I don’t recall exactly everything Jimmy said. And, yes, we’re on a first-name basis. It’s a privilege afforded lifelong fandom. But at one point he gave a little spiel about playing a drive-in a million years ago before ambling into “Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit,” one of his so-called Big Eight or eight tunes that find their way into nearly every one of his sets. And, naturally, he went through most of the best from that yellow greatest hits CD everyone gets in college, a.k.a. Songs You Know By Heart, because college kids probably don’t buy CDs anymore, and also more recent tracks, including “Gumbo” and his ultimate hunk of baby boomer bait, “Too Drunk to Karaoke,” which I cop to enjoying, even despite the fact he recorded it with Country Doofus Emeritus, Toby Keith.