Jessica Castillo looks over the car that son Daniel Brumley drove the night he was shot. Photo by Jeff Prince.

After taking more than 100 days to investigate the shooting death of Daniel Brumley, Fort Worth police have sent the case to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office.

Brumley was killed by Officer Chris Jones after a traffic stop on Jan. 17. The case arrived at the D.A.’s office on May 13, said Larry Moore, chief of the criminal division.

“What comes is the summary of the police investigation, the witness statements, physical evidence that’s been collected, and any forensic testing that’s done,” he said.

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The D.A.’s office will meet with the attorney representing Brumley to solicit information about the case, including witness statements. Afterward, the D.A. will present the case to a grand jury to determine if charges will be filed.

“We want the grand jury to have all the information that’s available,” Moore said.

Brumley’s relatives, including his mother, Jessica Castillo, have accused police of dragging their feet on the investigation. They suspect police of concocting a story to try to exonerate Jones while blaming Brumley, and they accuse investigators of showing little interest in talking to witnesses.

“We need an outside investigation instead of the police investigating themselves,” she said. “I’m tired of them throwing my son to the back burner.”

Moore said the D.A.’s office can be counted on to investigate without bias.

“We look at police shootings as we look at any other case,” he said. “We don’t go into the case predisposed to believe if it was justified or not justified. The police department’s take on it might not be that same as our take on it.”

The D.A.’s office is currently behind on cases left over from the previous administration, Moore said. A police shooting from 14 months ago is still waiting to be assigned to D.A. investigators. Four cases involving police shootings are currently in front of the Brumley case, he said

New D.A. Sharen Wilson wants her assistant district attorneys to process cases in 60 to 90 days.

Police accused Brumley, 27, of stabbing a police officer after being pulled over at 4 a.m. on Jan. 17 in the Diamond Hill neighborhood of North Fort Worth.

Witness statements appear to contradict the police version of the shooting (“Blood on Whose Hands?” Feb. 25, 2015).

Jones pulled over Brumley’s 1989 Buick LeSabre after allegedly seeing it run a stop sign at the intersection of N.E. 37th Street and Schwartz Avenue. Police have not released the officer’s name, but witnesses learned of his identity shortly after the shooting.

Police said Jones checked Brumley for outstanding warrants, found three, and asked Brumley to step out of his car and walk to the police vehicle.

“Once at the police vehicle, [Jones] instructed Brumley to place his hands on the hood of the vehicle,” the investigating detective wrote in a search warrant affidavit on Jan. 30. “Brumley faced the hood of the vehicle but refused to place his hands on the hood.”

Two witnesses, who were watching from two different doorsteps nearby, said Jones walked Brumley past the front of the car, the driver’s door, and the back passenger door, and directed him to the back of the car. A witness said she saw no struggle and heard no commotion before four pistol shots rang out. Both witnesses said they had trouble seeing exactly what happened because the rear of the police car was dark.

Police crime scene paint depicted that the struggle occurred at the back of the car.

The police affidavit said Jones placed Brumley’s left hand behind his back and told him to put his right hand on the hood of the police car.

“Brumley refused to comply again and attempted to conceal his right hand,” the affidavit said.

As Jones placed a handcuff on Brumley’s left wrist, Brumley “quickly spun around and attempted to stab [Jones] in his left rib cage area several times with a knife he had concealed in his right hand,” the affidavit said. “A struggle ensued and during the course of this struggle, Brumley stabbed [Jones] multiple times in the leg.”

The officer was wearing a protective vest that prevented the knife from entering his stomach, police said.

Jones fired his pistol four times. The autopsy report showed bullets stuck Brumley in the head, side, and back (“North Side, FWPD at Odds,” April 15, 2015).

Brumley’s attorney, Eloy Sepulveda, questions why Jones didn’t search Brumley or wait for a backup unit to arrive after discovering the warrants. The number of shots and the downward direction of the bullets concern Sepulveda as well. The direction could indicate that Brumley was on the ground when the officer fired. And witnesses have signed statements, which Sepulveda will present to the district attorney, that say that Jones and Brumley walked to the back of the police car just before the shots rang out.

But what most confuses Brumley’s relatives are police statements that say Jones grew suspicious after he approached Brumley’s car window and saw blood on his hands. A detective who investigated the shooting searched Brumley’s car for “property, blood, and DNA evidence of a violent crime committed before Brumley’s encounter” with Jones.

Brumley had been on a long date that evening. The woman he was with said they’d had a quiet evening hanging out with a friend and listening to music before heading back to Brumley’s mother’s house to watch a movie. The night included no violence, no blood, and no problems, she said. Brumley and his date were texting each other during the traffic stop.

The car Brumley was driving belongs to Castillo. After police allowed her to retrieve the car from the impound lot, she took it home, parked it in her driveway, and looked it over from top to bottom.

“There was no blood,” she said. “I have not wiped that car.”

Inside the car she found a large box cutter that Brumley used at work, along with a screwdriver. She never knew of her son to carry a knife. And she wondered how he could have held a knife in his right hand without detection while he was pulled out of his car and led to the back of another vehicle, the police car.

Photo by Jeff Prince.

Most of all, she misses her son. Since he’s never coming home, she often sits in the car and thinks about him.

“I sit in it sometimes because that’s where he was,” she said. “I don’t want to clean it. I smell my son. I feel him. That’s the last place he was at.”


  1. As everyone knows, it is simple to resolve this stinking, rotten tragedy. Just sit the lying cop down, wire him up with a lie detector, and the cop is right or wrong. He cannot be forced to do that, and the cops would prefer the killer of the young man to walk merrily away. No one in their right mind expects the cop to confess his guilt. I suspect one never has. I’ve certainly never heard of a cop taking responsibility for lying, stealing, murdering citizens, or lying like a rug in trial testamonies but cops do those things and any person that is close and trusted by cops knows this is true. Our Mayor, City Council, and any citizen with a hair on his butt should be rattleing the cops cages. This deal stinks to high Heaven. I took A.A. meetings into the jailhouse weekly many years ago, played poker with high-school buddies who were cops for many years each week, and considered running off with a sweet lady cop but came to my senses, thank Jesus. The cop can be caused to take the test or made so uncomfortable he would have to bail out on his job. When he became a low-life civilian, rather than a low-life cop, the young dead mans family should take him fishing. You want justice, there you go.

  2. Was the officer stabbed in the leg? Did Brumley have outstanding warrants? Some FW policemen were (many feel– wrongly) demoted after going after a Meth dealer on a chase through FW and Arlington which disrupted major freeway traffic and prevented emergency responders from getting to hospital ERs to save peoples lives. Policemen deal with the most problematic segments of society. You don’t want that job and either do I. Brumley’s problems were in my humble opinion several years in the making. I am sorry for Castillo,but her efforts to help her son may have been better applied decades ago.

  3. Was the officer stabbed in the leg? Did Brumley have outstanding warrants? Some FW policemen were (many feel– wrongly) demoted after going after a Meth dealer on a chase through FW and Arlington which disrupted major freeway traffic and prevented emergency responders from getting to hospital ERs to save peoples lives. Policemen deal with the most problematic segments of society. You don’t want that job and either do I. Brumley’s problems were in my humble opinion were several years in the making. I am sorry for Castillo,but her efforts to help her son may have been better applied decades ago.

    • You got it all wrong Weakly Reader, dead wrong. Smirking, self-entitled, killer cops are worse than cancer. Who stabbed the killer in the leg? Do you not know cops cary throw-down weapons? Do you not know cops take care of their own? Do you not know that cops consider it honorable to lie, shuck, and jive to assist another lying, stinking, killer cop? What in pluperfect hell difference does it matter if the kid had outstanding trafic warrants? Probably a third of the male adults on my street in the Southside barrio here have warrents. You get a ticket for doing forty in a thirty in the barrio. If you owe house rent, light and water and gas, hospital and doctor bills for your kids, car payments weekly for a broken wreck of a used car, and have holes in every family members shoes, well…what the hell comes first? Brumley’s problems were in place BEFORE he was born and guys like you continue to stack them on guys like him. Why is that? For it’s in giving that we recieve… you think the guy who figured that out was lying? If cops didn’t love their jobs they wouldn’t stand in line months to get them. Why is that? Whose on first? Your humble opinion isn’t worth a dime. Grow up, get a life, amount to something. Walk a mile in the kids or poor Mama’s shoes and then come back and preach to us. I expect you’re a square, honest person, but good grief, what goes around, comes around. Don’t you know that? Cops love their work. Most of the ones I know would work for free and pay GOOD money for their jobs…why is that do you figure??? I am seriously sorry for you. Maybe you’re beyond help, sure looks like it from here. I’m putting you on my prayer list this very night. I expect your problems were years in the making and I’m convinced you are lacking in humility… you’re way big for your britches. I truly expect you’re a self-satisfied Repug…maybe even a Bagger. Another thing…people don’t want the cop’s job, because it’s a rotten, stinking job, but cops can’t wait to get to their work every day. If a cop was on top of a mountain deer hunting and got a call that his buddies were going to kick a door in and nail a guy booking football bets and they might get a chance to shoot someone, well then, the cop would walk 100 miles thru the snow to be in on it. Think about it. Hero my foot!

      • My opinion is universally worth as much as yours and has greater effect because it–unlike yours– is coherent, and delivered in a logical, calm and rational manner. You make too many unsubstantiated assumptions about people you do not know. You seem to have an anger management problem which makes you appear irrational. Thanks for the prayers, I’ll do the same for you and your bird dog.

        • Outlaw, lying, killer cops who are allowed to be out-law, lying, killer cops by self-satisfied, moronic individuals are in truth and fact worse than stand-up ethical crooks. They are worse than bank-robbers who steal without harming anyone, or con artists, or big-shot Repug stock brokers that steal millions of dollars before being caught. They are worse than bucolic bootlegers, and big deal Preachers caught diddling their little sisters. Did your Mama have any kids worth a single nickle Reader? When your opinion stinks worse than your breath, you’re not O.K. See?

        • Calm, coherent lies are the specialty of vacumn cleaner salesmen and black-hearted preachers. They aren’t worth a bucket of spit. You’re a pure square and a childish, entitled Peckerwood. You’re on my prayer list, grow up and amount to something. Bunk is bunk, get an honorable life.

    • Your slur of the murdered kid’s Mama, Ms. Castillo, is par for the course for a self-satisfied monkey. Did your mother have any kids that lived?

    • I don’t blame the mama for posing for the photo. I blame the FWW writer who told her it was a good idea. Oops, did I just slur the FWW? Is it racist or homophobic or sexist or something to criticize the FWW?

      • You’re the one that’s a bit much Stouty, when did you get out? Put your blame in you ugly ear. When did you get out anyhow?

      • Do you figure the folks at the Weekly give a flying flip what a Tea-Bagging jerk blames. What are you smoking? How old are you?

        • I think the FWW appreciates conservative readers and tolerates our comments because a reader counts as a reader no matter his politics, and ad rates are driven by reader-count. But no, I don’t think their lefty-journalism will change. I liken FWW to MSNBC in that regard. Slowly going down the tubes. Not all of that is a result of the lefty politics. A good share of FWW’s decline is due to overall decline in the print media. FWS-T is in a death-spiral.

          • I liken you to Daffy Duck except he is more decent and trustworthy. How did you get so hammer-headed? What do you eat? What do you smoke?

          • I gather that you and Daffy have a tight relationship such that you would know him we’ll.

          • You advise me to get therapy? Huh? San Quenten Pen is full of folks both more compassionate and reasonable than you or any other jerk-off Bagger Mr. Reader. Put your untenable in your ugly ear.

          • Startle-Gram is already dead, they just have it wired up & on artificial resperation and it lasted longer than it was entitled to last on its merits.

      • Simply sit the lying killer cop down, hook him up to the bull-snit lie-finding machine that the cops hook poor people with a hole in their shoe up to, and BINGO the mystery is solved. Only liars,damn liars, loosers, devils, and black-hearted snot-rags refuse exposing the truth in cases similar to this one. Cops use it every single day to determine whether to send impecunius, mentally unstable, hungry, tired, and malformed to be tied down and bar-b-qued until bloody steam pops out their eye-holes and anus ever day or two…and they do it with glee and self rightesness. It’s no big deal for Bible thumping, Bagger snot-rags. Truly, they can’t wait for the next gut-wrenching showtime. Nothing new to see there. Repugs, Baggers, and a few other half-wits can’t wait for the next disgraceful play-time of the aforementioned heart-stopping, inhuman, play-parties. Two days later the heros will be snoozing through some child-diddling, Holy Rollers Third grade sermon. Just hook the stinking rat up to the lie machine and the dirty cop will go where he should go. If our Bible isn’t pulling our strings, he’ll be Bar-B Q when his time is up. It’s a cinch deal. The stinking, lying accomplice cops would go with him if there were real justice in this half-wited, racist, Tea-Bagging paradise where the natives were slaghtered like pole-cats when the current hero Christianist arrived. See much new here? See anything real and true at all lately. Let’s hear it?

    • Benny, why do you contend that “Brumley’s problems were in place BEFORE he was born”? Are you saying he was condemned by his ethnicity? It can’t be true that Hispanics are destined to a life of suffering in this country, otherwise they wouldn’t be streaming into it as fast as they can cross the border. Nonetheless, if it’s true that they’re condemned to a life of suffering here, then Democrats’ glossy rhetoric about how liberal immigration IMPROVES our economy can’t be true. Can you explain this without merely mouthing a bunch of epithets?

      • Benny’s philosophies are largely untenable and poorly presented–filtered through a prism of perpetual anger . You bring up a good point, if the deck is so stacked against specific people of certain origin, why come here or stay here? The answer, of course, is the generosity and benevolence of the welfare state as well as the pay off of playing the rather tired “victim” card. Sadly some people are politically persecuted in the current environment–usually they are those who believe in the traditional merits of personal responsibility –which is open for anyone to exercise–(although the current environment shows fewer rewards for those who do).

        • Well said, Weekly Reader. I advised Benny some time ago to get therapy. It seems to me that when a person defends his position primarily by name-calling, his position is weakened even if it might otherwise have merit. In my opinion this mostly comes from the Left. Criticize Obama and they brand you a racist. Stand for traditional marriage and they call you a homophobe. Challenge free contraceptives and they say you hate women. Criticize environmental rules and they say you hate clean water. Question global-warming they call you a denier. If you want to cut back on government freebies; you hate the poor. It goes on ad nauseam.

          • Yes, it all gets pretty tiresome after awhile, especially coming from the so called “tolerant” crowd.

          • Just hook the lying pig up to the lie detector, and all the self-serving blather is pointless. Why not? Well…can you read? Are you blind as well as self rightous and black hearted? Cut the blather and get the truth in thirty minutes. Cut the fifth grade jive and get the truth. See? No more half-ass sermons and lies. Tallk is cheap, you self-rightous flakes are self-rightous flakes. It only takes a few minutes and the rat killer is sunk. Want to bet? Put up or shut up, what do you want to make? You’re disgusting blowhards and self entitled cowards. See??? Show us what you got. Peckerwoods. Whatcha got?

          • I am and I am acquainted with many in the ‘tolerant’ crowd. You don’t amount to a hair on the least of their butts. Just get the rat on the Lie Tester machine, half-wit, and everything is solved, doesn’t cost a dime. Put up or shut up. Fool.

          • I advise you to kiss my foot, again. Fool. Your fifth grade advice isn’t worth a bucket of spit. You are so hammer-headed Stouty, you can’t see straight, what gives? Can’t you take something for it? You opinions are’t worth a dime, you’re a jerk. Wake up, this is clearly true, not name calling. If you want to hand over billions to black hearted corporations and disobey our nations laws concerning marriage, well then, you are properly called a half-witted jerk-off. Grow up, amount to something. Jesus said it was in giving that we recieve. It’s actually pretty ugly and outrageously black-hearted to mock our Lord. You figure you will get away with it? What goes around comes around. You’re not a nice person. I encourage you to repent. Grow up.

          • I advise you Stouty to blow you traditional bigotry out your buttocks. Gay folks are entitled to the same entitlements as you and the rest of the hammer-headed half-wits. Don’t you read the papers? Your third-grade stupidity and putrid entitlements are nearing the end of the trail. Did you read where we landed on the moon? Don’t you expect you can tolerate tolerance? We freed the black slaves already. You can do it Stouty, it’ll be O.K.

        • Deck stacked? Stay here? Reader, get a life, I got your untenables, prisms, and filters. You,re playing, right? God almighty! They come here because we didn’t pay a dime for their land here. We slaughtered the poor people who God put here like they were chickens. Even Roxy knows that, don’t play your stupid card, stupid. There, sir, is you stinking generosity,and benevolence. I got your good points right here swinging. You’re way goofy, go away. Tell you killer cop to grow up, take the lie test, he won’t get a day in jail. You peckerwoods are real pieces of snot. Generosity, benevolence, victim cards? You’re cowards and liars and childish fools. Your feet stink too I expect. It goes with the rest of your act.

      • If you’re incapable of comprehending fifth grade statements, I have things to do that are more pressing than attemping to wise up a jerk. Understand that, fool? Clearly, you were born with a spoon between your buttocks. Get lost.

      • Stouty, you’re a real piece of work, bless your heart. What we (that’s the citizens of the USA) did to the natives of this sweet land that we (to put it simply) slaughtered without mercy like they were chickens originaly, is well known. The citizens of Mexico are (used to be) Native Americans like the USA. When I first visited Mexico, over fifty years ago, there were over 60 native tongues still spoken. Now, there’s fewer than 11. Mostly, in truth and fact, they are dead ducks. Working class Mexicans in Mexico are kicked around by the Big Shots like stray dogs. Really. Brumly was an Anglo, a pure loser, and he was more comfortable with other losers. The cop that killed Brumly is a loser today, but maybe not previously. The cop additionally is a stone liar. You know that I expect. I might be to if I was in his shoes. Please forgive me for my snotty behavior. I sincerely apoligize. Peace.

    • Lol. Benny I think you don’t you have the smarts to wise up anyone. Let me use a vernacular you can grasp. You’re lower than snake dung. Use a toothbrush, you scum. The best part of you remained in yo daddy’s busted condom. Get a job butt-wipe. Got it? Go to school and try to be smarter than your bird dog. See? And stop hunching the dog, sicko. Or are you Libs pushing for man-dog unions now? How will your dog say “I do.” A bark? A wag of the tail? You’re one warped hyena.

      • Largely untenable,poorly presented, filtered through a prism, blaa, blab, bunk. A large contingent of the people that the deck is stacked against, including the young man shot down like an iron target at the Stock Show carnival, are Mexican or other indigenous natives of this splendid paradise we didn’t pay a dime for mostly., The natives weren’t half-witted dipsticks who were not entitled to what was theirs since Creation either.

      • Benny, in a previous article on this same subject–North Side, FWPD at Odds, 4-15-2015–you said:

        Let me just add the fact that, as you know, neither the killer nor his compadres nor his bosses nor any law enforcement organization nor any other City of Fort Worth spokesperson has said anything other than their implied message of ”tough luck Meskin kid”, ” “I hope this teaches you a lesson whose running thangs in Foat Wuff.”

        Now you say Brumley was an Anglo. You don’t have a coherent bone in your body, do you?

        • I repeated precisely what the black-hearted, miserable
          Pig said…precisely. I assumed he wasn’t as stupid as clearly he is and you are…nothing new here to see looks like.. I am certain sweet Roxys breath smells better than yours and she runs faster, is more dependable & she hates hammer-headed Baggers that shut our sweet country down when the smelly half-wits don’t get their way. Cut the crap, get the snot-rag killer on the lie machine….30 minutes no more argument. Knuckle-heads, self entitled little girls, & piss-ants is what we have here.. Why do you hate America? Why do you hate Texas? Why do you hate Fort Worth? Both you & the killer cop behave like little girls. You know he won’t get a day of time if he comes clean tomorrow. You baggers and your ‘posits’ and ‘wishes’ and ‘angles’, ‘themes’, and ‘queries’ stink worse than your feet. It’s time to come to Jesus……take the lie test like big boys.

      • Bubba…sweet Roxy has a better brain, a bigger heart, a more pleasant odor, can jump higher, run faster, and is a much more charming buddy than any 50 Repug,Tea-Bagging fools combined. Amount to something… are you any kin to our Texas governor? Did you know that he was walking down the street downtown in the slam middle of a bodacious thunder & lightning & howling, piercing thunderstorm when a great big old limb cracked off a shuddering, flapping tree and dropped on his hammer-head? He’s was an ambulance-chasing lawyer before making a Tea-Bagging governor. The limb on the rats head paid 10 million. Isn’t he special? Aren’t you special? When ya’ll going to shut the country down again where America can’t pay it’s old folks pensions and has to close up the parks? I’m praying for you. You’re a real piece of work.

  4. By the way, I have a theory on the “bloody hands” theme that has permeated this story: When Ms. Perez, a community activist who spoke about Brumley’s killing to a police official at Perez’s restaurant, she says the official said that the cop who stopped Brumley was suspicious because Brumley had “bloody hands”. I posit that the official said that the cop ran a warrant check to see if Brumley “had blood on his hands”, which would have had a completely different meaning. The “bloody hands” theme has been repeated in the title of the first article, and in family members’ queries such as whether the cell phone Brumley was using at the time of the stop had blood on it, and whether there was blood in his car. All from Perez’s hearsay story about what she says the official said. If it turns out that a language barrier or misunderstanding between Perez and the official spuriously gave rise to the “bloody hands” theme, then Ms. Perez and the Weekly may need to eat humble pie. Ms. Perez because she started it; and the Weekly because its writer didn’t have the journalistic intuition to consider this angle. Just a theory.

    • Put your fifth grade theories in your ear. Get the Peckerwood on the lie machine. Amount to something approaching a normal grown-up American. Little girls, cowards, and half-wits are what we have here. Your blather is for children. Stand up or shut up. Blab, blab, blab…. blaa. blaa, blaa. Well? You bone-head blather is worthless, childish, trash. Put up or shut up like big boys. Cowardly, self-serving Pigs are simply not good for a nice city. Entitled, black-hearted, commenters have to be accepted, this is America. On the other hand, it’s time to clear this up. The cop needs to man up, take the test, show us he is worth more than a bucket of spit. Fort Worth is watching & waiting. fifth-grade talk is cheap. Lets see what the Pig has got. Cops who resemble this killer coward is why they are called Pigs. Only a minority of cops deserve that slander but when they feel entitled to this chicken-snit cowardness it’s better than they deserve. Again, aren’t Repug, entitled, peckerwoods precious? Pure losers.

  5. It’s way past time for the city of Fort Worth to demand our Police Department come clean and behave at least as normal as its barrios citizens…. way, way, past time. It is clear to even sweet Roxy that if the officer chooses to hide like a deviant skunk, behave like a criminal, and hang out with other police officers who certainly know he’s a self-serving liar…well…it’s time to double up on the bet that the rat is a deviant loser. Much worse than a scratch-ass cop in Fort Worth today walking away after blasting a young man to Kingdom Come with the blessings of his honchos and playmates, saying,,,,ahh, anyone can make a mistake, is that we had another knucklehead cop less than a year ago walking into a citizens home that was across the street and 60 yards away from where he was dispatched to a burglar alarm that was still blasting. That cop walked into a way upscale home and blew the retired, grey headed owner to eternity. The cops say ‘well, anybody can make a mistake!’ Fort Worth needs to…really we’re not worth much if we don’t… do the decent thing here.Whether we want their stinking job or not, the cops love their work. It’s no secret, even kids know that. Cops would pay good money for their job. It’s past time to hammer the lying losers on the team. Do the crime, do the time….no exceptions for whining cry-babies. The woods are full of wild-eyed Repugs that would pay good money for the job where they could kick people around like we see on TV daily since citizens got the fancy trick phones.

  6. The Fort Worth Police Department didn’t do one single thing to the cop who walked into an old, grey-haired gentleman’s home in Eastside Fort Worth a year ago and shot him dead as a door-nail. True, anyone in Fort Worth can make an outrageous, ignorant, illegitimate screw-up that kills another person and walk away whistleing a tune but ONLY if they are a cop. I insist this is wrong and that citizens should demand Fort Worth’s finest begin taking care not to gun down it’s citizens like they do in the Soviet Union. Does anyone else give a flip?

    • Acually, self-satisfied Pigs are the only terrorists around these parts. You wouldn’t recognize a terrorist if one bit you on your butt. I don’t hate Pigs, I pray for them every day. I ask God to give them what they have coming in the sweet by and by, sooner if it’s his will. See anything wrong with that? I enclude you with the knuckle-heads, and also Dick Cheny and Sarah Palen.

  7. Pull your head out from your hiney-hole and be thankful that folks aren’t throwing rocks at your self satisfied, boney butt Stouty. You’re wrong again, no surprise here. I HATE LYING, SELF-SERVING, PECKERWOOD, TEA-BAGGING PIGS that dress up as square cops and they are more plentiful than fire-ants. Here in Texas, square, respectable citizens of any stripe are more and more uncommon. Half-witted Tea-Baggers and red-eyed Peckerwoods are around every turn now-a-days. You are a self-satisfied jerk who continues to have snot for brains. You need to take something for it.

  8. Just get your lying Pig on the Lie Machine like any other accused citizen. Cease the bull-snit. Stand up straight and pretend to be as good a citizen as a normal goog citizen. What’s unfair with suggestion Stouty? Your Mama have any kids worth a flip?

  9. News is that NY prison escapee, David Sweat was captured today. It is reported that a cop shot him in the back as he was running. Sure, he was a convicted cop-killer, but if he was running away he wasn’t an immediate threat, right? It’s a good thing he wasn’t black or Latino, or Libs would be calling for the shooter-cop’s head.

    • Pigs are Pigs…folks predictably expect them to behave as Pigs. What’s new here? Piss-ants, Peckerwoods, Baggers are expected to ask fifth-grade questions. Can’t you take something for it?