We’re No. 62! We’re No. 62!

The headline sounds snarky. But, really, being No. 62 is pretty impressive considering it’s a list of the 101 best hamburgers in America. The Love Shack “Dirty Love” burger beat out every other hamburger in the D/FW Metroplex, according to The Daily Meal. The magazine also recognized a couple of Dallas burger joints, Keller’s Drive-in and Maple & Motor, but nobody cares about those. The article describes Love Shack owner Tim Love as the “bigger-than-life, straight-shooting, game-cooking, festival-circuit chef” who uses the Love Shack to display his culinary “playfulness.” Can you call someone a straight shooter when they don’t do interviews with reporters who dare say anything critical about Love or his food?

Fort Worth Police Want Apology

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The Fort Worth Police Officers Association tweeted a demand for an apology after CNN reporter Fredricka Whitfield described the actions of a Dallas gunman as “courageous and brave.” A police officer association tweet described her comments as “abhorrent.” This is off point, but I’ll bet Whitfield’s father’s name was Fred.

To Protect And Be Over-served

A Fort Worth firefighter was fired after allegedly getting drunk and trying to hit bar employees with his pickup when they tried to prevent him from driving. There have been numerous news reports about Fort Worth police officers driving drunk in recent years, but you don’t hear much about firefighters getting arrested for being hosed behind the wheel. Oh well, we’re all human.

Eagles Crash Landing

Nothing makes my heart warmer and fuzzier than to read about an NFC East rival going off the rails. It sure sounds like the Philadelphia Eagles are a pending train wreck under Coach Chip Kelly. Go Cowboys!

Talk, Text, Crash

The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is launching its summer Talk, Text, Crash public education campaign. The agency is reminding motorists not to talk or text while driving. I’m starting my own campaign called If You’re Going To Text While Driving At Least Get The Hell Out Of The Left Lane. Seems texters these days like to drive in the left lane (the passing lane)  on highways because (1) they don’t have cars to watch for on their left, (2) they don’t have to avoid cars entering the highway from the right, and (3) they can just ignore the “Left Lane For Passing Only” signs because they’re self-centered jerks.