Wendy Davis Is Back…and She Brought a Survey

After a short hibernation period in the wake of losing her bid for the Governor’s office, Wendy Davis has emerged. (Does that mean six more months of summer?) The former state senator sent out an email to supporters this morning asking them to take a survey about political issues. Her reappearance, she said on her Facebook page, is a reaction to the U.S. Senate’s attack on Planned Parenthood. She may need something more heroic than pink sneakers this time…maybe a cape?

Liquid Assets


Your water bill could go up if the City Council listens to suggestions from the Water Department. Average water users will see a 9.98 percent hike in the water and sewer portion of their bills — about a $5.42 increase each month. The changes will generate $23.3 million more for the Water Department. No word on whether or not the council will reconsider the three-hour group baths they take before every meeting.

Old People Finally Have a Reason to Be so Paranoid

Fort Worth police are concerned that criminals are attacking older residents inside their homes, with at least four attacks on people above the age of 80 in recent weeks. Police officials wouldn’t comment on whether or not the department will undertake some kind of sting operation reminiscent of Mrs. Doubtfire.

People in Farmersville are Really Racist

Plans for a Muslim cemetery drew the ire of residents in Farmersville, a small town in Collin County. The incredibly racists opponents believe that a nearby lake will be “contaminated by dead Muslims.” Many of the gathered racists voiced concerned that a mosque might follow. And as one racist who spoke at a City Council meeting yesterday pointed out, “Every place y’all have been you’ve caused some sort of controversy… It’s not going to happen in Farmersville,” he said.

QT Faux Pas

Apparently Oklahoma-based convenience store didn’t know its new store was on Granbury Road. It’s new sign welcomes customers to its Granbury Street location, prompting area residents to take up arms and hold an anti-Obama rally.