Jon Stewart Says Goodbye
Few people are characterized as the voice of a generation anymore, but Jon Stewart comes close after 16 years of lampooning news media and politics on “The Daily Show.” He’s like Walter Cronkite, Whoopi Goldberg, and Larry David all rolled into one wonderful funny freak. The best thing about his departure is he’ll probably be creatively inspired to try something new (if Jerry Seinfeld hadn’t quit his show, you know, there wouldn’t be a Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee).  My favorite line from this NY Times story: “Blatant mendacity, Mr. Stewart said, has become ubiquitous and pernicious.”

Donald Trump Says Hello
The billionaire bulldog with the orange spray tan and curious coif dominated the Republican presidential debate last night. He got center podium, created a stir by raising his hand when the 10 candidates were asked who would consider running as an independent, and (figuratively) spanked moderator Megyn Kelly after she asked him about derogatory comments he’d made about women (Rosie O’Donnell). News pundits say he stole the show but they’re missing something. Something big. Trump threw around the word “stupid,” including calling current leaders stupid for not cracking down on illegal immigrants. At the risk of exposing my nerdiness and unhealthy television addiction, I recall that Trump lashed out at biker mechanic (and former Sandra Bullock flame) Jesse James on Celebrity Apprentice in 2009. James had called Dennis Rodman “stupid” in the boardroom and Trump quickly cut him off and said he didn’t like that word. This scoop proves Trump is a hypocrite unworthy of being president. This is like my Watergate moment. Morning News Roundup has taken down a future president. You’re welcome. Say hello to the new voice of a generation.

Fort Worth Police Nab Bad Guys
Police detectives located suspects quickly in this attempted murder case. A teenager was found shot in the head and left for dead on the side of a road earlier this week, and police tracked down and arrested two suspects. It can be easy to forget during this era of social media videos that not all cops are beating and shooting people with little provocation. Many are out there doing a good job.


Former CBS 11 Morning News Anchor Brendan Higgins Resurfaces
Brendan Higgins lost his job a year ago after getting tipsy in Aspen, CO. Really, really tipsy. To the point where he pretended to pass out while being arrested but blew his act because he couldn’t keep from giggling. And then that mugshot. He disappeared from public view afterward but finally resurfaced on yesterday’s EarBurner podcast. Higgins said he’d been hiking that day, went to dinner with friends, returned to his condo, had too many drinks,  a ruckus ensued, the cops showed up, and Higgins reportedly told them he would “beat you until you’re dead.” Higgins said they misquoted him. He’d used a line from Moonstruck, a piece of dialogue stated in a Bronx accent by the Olympia Dukokis character: “Old man, you give those dogs another piece of my food, I’m gonna kick ya ’til you’re dead.” Higgins said it’s a catchphrase he uses often in a joking manner. Higgins doesn’t remember saying it that night. He was admittedly wasted, in part due to the high altitude (11,000 feet) and being tired from hiking. EarBurner hosts Tim Rogers and Zac Crain asked him how it feels to have his mugshot pop up when everybody googles his name now, but then the hosts don’t stop talking long enough to let him answer. Hey guys, y’all are funny but let a guest get a word in once in a while. The most interesting part of the interview was Higgins talking about being adopted twice and meeting his birth mother years later, who, as it turned out, was a hippie who hijacked a plane to Cuba.

Fort Worth Seeks Its Own Film Commission
Fort Worth doesn’t have a thriving film scene, and some folks believe it’s because the city has no film commission. City leaders are considering whether a film commission would create jobs and better market Cowtown. A film commission is expected to help coordinate filmmakers, crews, locations, and services. It’s someone else’s job, probably a production assistant’s, to line up the hookers and blow.