Black Mariah is part of the lineup at The Art of Gay Entertainment, Sun.

Decades before Jimmy Fallon had celebrities lip-syncing on the Spike Channel, drag performers were doing the same thing in most corners around the world. That hallowed tradition comes into play when Q Cinema hosts The Art of Gay Entertainment: Drag Queens and Drag Kings this Sunday at Rose Marine Theater. The event serves as a fundraiser for both the venerable LGBT film festival and Tarrant County Pride Week in October.

The entertainers are supplied by Mustache & Panty Productions, whose divisions Panty Raid (drag queens) and Mustache Envy (drag kings) switch off the first Fridays at Sue Ellen’s in Dallas. None other than 1984 Miss Gay America Tasha Kohl opens the proceedings and headlines the drag queen portion of the show. Meanwhile, the drag kings include Damien Dupree, who does a routine from the Broadway version of Victor/Victoria, to Rowdy Rory, who dances around a chair to the music of Elle King and Joan Jett. The music is cut with the comedy stylings of Frida Monet.



The Art of Gay Entertainment: Drag Queens and Drag Kings starts at 7pm at Rose Marine Theater, 1440 N Main St, FW. Tickets are $25. Call 817-723-4358.