Governor Greg Abbott Headed to Mexico

Despite the harsh stance that Texas politicians have recently taken with regard to illegal immigrants–and some legal U.S. citizens–from Mexico, Governor Greg Abbott is set to lead a delegation of financially prominent Texans to Mexico City on Labor Day Weekend to help heal the rift that’s recently developed between Mexico and Texas. While Texas depends heavily on Mexico for workers that fall into both the legal and illegal categories, and while Mexico is the number one trade partner of Texas, the Republican primary presidential race has produced a mountain of rancorous rhetoric toward our partners to the South. The confab is intended to reassure Mexican officials that despite the negative talk, Texas still loves Mexico and Mexicans. That may be difficult to achieve considering Texas is holding thousands of illegal Mexicans in for-profit prisons and has been illegally refusing to grant citizenship to dozens of Mexican babies who have been born on U.S. soil in the past year

Highland Hills Fight Leads to Police Standoff

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Highland Hills became the scene of a standoff between the police and a group of civilians on Monday afternoon when several people who’d been involved in a fight retreated to a house on the 5300 block of Whitten St. and barricaded themselves in the home. A second fight began in the house and police and a SWAT team were called when a woman in the house was shot. Two women in the house voluntarily surrendered to officers at roughly 5 PM. Police did not release  the name of the woman who was shot, but a spokesman caller her injuries “non-life-threatening.

American Airlines Sued by Former Employee

Emanuel Vinton, 41, filed suit last week against American Airlines for an accident that occurred in 2014 while he was working for LSG Sky Chefs food operation at DFW. According to a report filed by WFAA on Tuesday, Aug 25, Vinton’s suit claims that a Boeing 777 airliner was “badly maneuvered out of the gate”, and a fuel blast caused a cargo container weighing 679 pounds to be blown off its dolly and onto Vinton, causing extensive damage to his legs and knocking him unconscious.

A spokesman said the company is “reviewing the allegations to determine [American’s] next step.

Truancy Tickets No Longer Criminal Offense

Well, with the school year having started yesterday, a lot of middle and high school students will be breathing a bit easier this year, knowing that truancy offenses are now civil, rather than criminal offenses. In the past, missing days, parts of days, or even being a few moments late to class quickly added up to a Class C misdemeanor, resulting in fines of up to $500 plus court costs, and a permanent criminal record. Thanks to the state legislature, the new law severely limits the amonnt of the fines that can be collected and there will be no criminal records for truants any longer.

The Fort Worth Weekly covered that story for a couple of years and was pleased when the new law was passed. As are truants all around the state.