What do Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, the combat ship USS Fort Worth, and country singer Matt “Songbird” Jones have in common?

The answer is a new American Pale Ale released by Rahr last month called USS Fort Worth. When I chatted with Rahr’s head of brewing operations Craig Mycoskie last August, he told me about the project. He wanted to brew a session ale that was unpretentious and enjoyable for any beer palette, he said at the time.

I grabbed my first six-pack from Central Market recently. The ale poured a soft golden yellow. From start to finish there weren’t any shockers. It was smooth, light, mildly citrusy, and delicious.


For folks unfamiliar with our city’s namesake warship, USS Fort Worth is a freedom-class littoral combat ship built by Lockheed Martin several years ago, meaning she’s still pretty new. She’s also well-armed. Ships in her class can be outfitted with a range of munitions like surface-to-air missiles, 57-mm machineguns, hellfire missiles, and more. A portion of sales of USS Fort Worth will benefit the USS Fort Worth Support Committee, a support group for the sailors and their families.

Rahr co-owner Fritz Rahr said he is “proud to live and work in the city of Fort Worth, and it is an honor to have our city’s name on such prestigious naval ship with a first-class crew.”

Fritz wasn’t the only one moved to create something to honor the crew of USS Fort Worth. Local country singer/songwriter Matt Jones just completed and released a single called “Grit and Tenacity” after hearing about the new warship. He recently had the opportunity to perform the tune with his friend and Los Noviembres frontman Paul Boll for the USS Fort Worth’s crew at Rahr’s Near Southside brewery.

After the performance (which received a standing ovation) the ship’s commander told Jones that the boat’s new breakaway song would be “Grit and Tenacity.” Now, whenever a resupply ship ‘breaks away’ from USS Fort Worth, the tune will be ceremoniously played in the background.

Like Fritz Rahr, the news that a U.S. warship was going to be named after Fort Worth  deeply touched Jones, himself a native of this city.

“As I learned about the role that the USS Fort Worth Support Committee played, I was inspired,” he said. “They have backed the ship, the sailors, and their families both financially and emotionally. I was inspired by their support.”

Oh, and the beer.

“As far as the beer,” he said. “I think it’s excellent. I would say that it is your basic light beer. There are some subtle tastes that make it interesting and tasty but don’t dominate. I love it. My wife loves it. In fact, I got one in the fridge right now just waiting on me.”

You can find Jones’ new ode to the USS Fort Worth on iTunes and cdbaby. “Grit and Tenacity” was recorded with Mark Philpot (vocals and guitar), Stephen Pointer (guitar), Stephen Couch (bass), and Richard Shafer (drums). The single was produced and engineered by Philpot and mastered by Todd Pipes.

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