Fort Worth Weekly’s Thanksgiving edition is on the newsstands now, with the state’s biggest turkey – Gov. Greg Abbott – featured  as our cover boy. The day after we published our scathing indictment of the governor’s various hiccups, ethical lapses, and general buffoonery, Abbott provided more proof that he’s just plain bad.

Abbott appointed Kelcy Warren to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission for a term set to expire in 2021.

Who’s Warren, you ask?


He’s chairman and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners. The company’s web site boasts about its “approximately 62,500 miles of natural gas and natural gas liquids pipelines.”

Local environmental activist Don Young isn’t amused.

“They’re the ones trying to build a pipeline out in West Texas,” he said. “They want to run it through Big Bend National Park and all those West Texas parks to get to Mexico. Warren will be in a much better position to advocate [for pipelines through parks]. I can’t think of any other reason why Abbott would appoint him. We’re talking parks and wildlife. This is all about nature and taking care of wildlife. Why would they put a guy who builds pipelines on that board?”

Maybe he has a nice smile?


  1. Peckerwoods are going to be Peckerwoods, half-wits will remain half-wits, Baggers refuse to be any thing other than dip-stick Baggers…. nothing much new to see here. Big bucks and rat-bastard, Tea-Bagging politicians and foot-washing Baptist continue to be more common than fire-ants in Texas, and so it goes.