In the world of destination food joints, most gas stations don’t cut it. But there are exceptions. Chef Point Cafe in Watauga serves up some fine cuisine inside of a Conoco. Tiger Farms Market on Wilshire Boulevard in Burleson might be the best place to buy road trip food in Texas. And then there is BBQ on the Brazos, located at a Texaco station on Highway 377 in Cresson, which is definitely a destination worth the trip.

As soon as you enter the small two-floored restaurant — there are three tables downstairs and another seven or eight upstairs — the smell of the meats enchants you. My guests included three adults and three kids: 9, 7, and 5, all girls. They’re a tough crowd for anything but roast chicken and rice with lime juice. It didn’t take long to win over these finicky eaters.


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  1. You should try the Hickory Tree in Burleson some time. Pulled pork stuffed potato skins are too die for. Everything I’ve tried has been delicious. Fresh never frozen.

    • I always love reading good food reviews, then followed up by someone trying to jump in and pimp their brother-in-laws place. If Hickory Tree was so good, you need not trash another mans review to try and sell it. The food and publicity obviously need a little help, hence you posting here.

      BBQ on the Brazos is a great place…if you can get past the owner’s ugly mug.