There’s this galaxy of single guys out there, floating around in the universe far far away. But distinguishing your star from a black hole takes some, um, divine intervention. While I’m waiting on the Force, a little strategic, proactive trolling throughout the galaxy is a good way to avoid being solo in the search for Han.

1. Tinder: Once just a hook up app, this widely popular and free dating platform has — so I’ve heard — led to many real relationships and even marriages. I know. The genius of the program is that it shows users potential matches based on geographical proximity, age, and, of course, photos. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still some hookin’ up going on (Ewww. Yes, I’m judging.) But it’s easily overlooked. Just swipe left.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel: This is a new one for me, and a little more complicated to “play” than Tinder, but for good reason. Users get one match (bagel) per day, increasing the chances that they’ll actually read the profile and consider the person before swiping left or right (Tinder style). The longer you use the app, the more questions you answer about why you passed or picked a certain guy or gal — allowing the software to send better matches your way each day. Well, hypothetically.

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3. eHarmony: The worse thing about this dating site is that it’s so expensive. The best thing about this dating site is that it’s so expensive. The cost to search weeds out folks who aren’t serious about finding a meaningful long-term relationship. But if you’re intent on finding the love of your life, pay up (which is about $50 a month) and enjoy the benefits of carefully curated questions and just the right mix of psychology. Set aside a good chunk of time to answer the many (many) questions required for a profile and wait for your daily matches to roll in.

4. A smidge cheaper than eHarmony, the best thing about this site might be its universal name recognition and wide cast of players. was the leader in online dating before online dating was a thing. So, there’s that. Setting up a profile isn’t quite as arduous as eHarmony, and there are a lot of coupons online to make membership even cheaper. But like eHarmony, the website is just so overwhelming. It lacks the beautiful simplicity of Tinder, which is one of the reasons why Tinder is so successful. I don’t find the site (or the process) enjoyable. In fact, it makes singledom look better and better.

5. LOVE FW Event: Get offline and into a brewery this Feb. 5 for a singles mix and mingle event at Collective Brewing Project — hosted by the Weekly (yours truly) and my two amazing partners in crime: Victoria Wollmann Wise of Tanglewood Moms and Dallisa Hocking of Love Frog Kisser. This fun Valentine’s themed event will sizzle with live music, craft beer, and the hippest singles in Fort Worth. Get your tickets here now! (It’s going to sell out.) And hey, I promise love will be in the air. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, which I ordinarily hate.

The Force awakens Feb. 5, 2016 — so be ready. Craft beer. Food trucks. Live music. And Near Southside ambiance will take the dark side out of dating.

As my dad, George Angle, recently joked, “Solo might be a great last name for Han, but it’s not a condition that many people wish for themselves. Love is the true Force of the universe, at least on this planet.”

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