To the man at Salsa Limón:

“You’re gorgeous, let’s get married.” Is that a pick up line these days? Can we be that straight or do I need to add more mystery to my approach?

How about this: You are Great Expectations meets Fort Worth’s Near Southside hipster. Tall and thin. With a book for a date. That you’re reading rather than surfing or searching Tinder. If it’s anything literary, I’m in.” Too much? Probably so.


OK, last one: “Hello. Those brown glasses add a layer of mystery to your stunning eyes hiding behind. What color are they? Come closer let’s see. And now that you’re standing before me, I find your beard is painted with flecks of gray that don’t match your age of 30, I’d say? You smell like pine mixed with the first nose of wine just before guests arrive on a Friday night when anything can happen. And does.”

Of course, I said none of those lines and didn’t even smile at this incredibly attractive man sitting at the table across from me. I’m such a wimp. And I regret my fear. But how does one enter into this strange land? In my defense, I’d just gone running. My hair was a mess. And my workout clothes aren’t from Lulu Lemon. Excuses. Excuses.

My good friend, and matchmaking professional, Dallisa Hocking with LoveFrogKisser, says just do it. “You have nothing to lose. Live without regret.” In my mind, I know she’s right. But my actions haven’t caught up with my intentions yet.

Sure, the idea of Mr. Great Expectations is probably better than reality. But even still, walking up to a guy (stone sober) and asking him out is so far outside of my comfort zone I might as well be mute.

In reality, here’s what I should have said:

“Hi, how’s that Topo Chico?”

Luckily, I’m hosting a LOVE FW event with Tanglewoods Moms, the Weekly, and LoveFrogKisser Friday, Feb. 5 at Collective Brewing Project to make all of this dating stuff a whole lot easier and much (much) more fun. Get your tickets today! It’s going to be great — with live music from Jon Christopher Davis, food trucks, craft beer, love bingo, wine from Kent & Co., and a super cool vintage car for selfies, courtesy of Project-44. This event is for everyone (single or not!). And if you happen to be single, here’s your chance to create some magic.

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  1. “Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day.”