The sweet tea chicken had a pleasant, herbal flavor. Photo by Vishal Malhotra.

My guest and I arrived at Chef Blythe’s Southern Bistro on a Thursday evening just as dinner service was beginning to wind down. The suburban space in North Richland Hills is bright and clean with high ceilings and concrete floors. There is a sense that more than a few corners were cut from the finish-out budget to get the place up and running, but along with the cheap-looking tables and chairs was an air of excitement and community. The families and young couples in the dining room were lively, and the staff weaved its way through the crowd with good humor.



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  1. Last line: “It’s surprising to find a new restaurant embrace what is essentially an old-fashioned, outmoded outlook with such vim – “passionately un-provocative,” my guest called it – but we had to admit that we left full and happy.
    I wish she had spent less time noting how this restaurant wasn’t trendy and timely and more time considering the food as exactly what it is and was probably intended to be. Which is not the fancified, unnecessary fluff that is so popular these days. Quite often all those bells and whistles and gimmicks cover up mediocrity. I am not surprised this is her preference, however, her vocabulary is as overblown as the dishes she prefers as part of the current “gastronomic zeitgeist”.

  2. So on this one I have to totally disagree with just about everything you said! Chef Blythe’s is one of the best, if not the best restaurants around! You are correct, it’s not a trendy restaurant, it’s southern food at its best. The quality and amount of food you get is fantastic. The restaurant is a warm atmosphere with a friendly staff. Chef Blythe herself comes out and greats as many people as she can! She seems to take fantastic pride in her restaurant! I would highly recommend Chef Blythe’s to Everyone. Mr. Phillips, I would suggest you find yourself a new job soon if this is the way you review such an amazing restaurant!

  3. I found the review well balanced. One would expect criticism from a critic. Why be angry at a dog when it barks? That’s what they do. I know quite a few chearleeders if that’s what you’re looking for. If you want someone who knows food and can write about it in a way that makes one look forward to reading it, this is your man. Besides, from the sound of those “worth the wait” desserts, you really don’t want a cheerleader. You want a foodie.

  4. Thanks for the review… it’s your review and your column and that fine w me. “Trendy” isn’t my thing… I’m just a humble Chef who loves cooking and this is what works for me and the concept I was going for w this first restaurant. Thanks for giving it a try!