Worst suspicions have been validated as Benbrook police have arrested Sofya Tsygankova for the murders of her daughters Nika and Michela on Thursday. She continues to be held at John Peter Smith Hospital undergoing mental evaluation, but she is now under police custody as well. There were no signs of trauma on the children, but evidence points to her smothering the children before cutting her wrists and stabbing herself in a suicide attempt. Prosecutors have charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Preliminary reports indicate that Tsygankova had visited MHMR the day before the killings, during which she had been prescribed Quetiapine, also known as Seroquel. A search warrant also turned up bottles of Sertraline (which goes by many trade names, including Zoloft) as well as hydroxyzine pamoate, which is known as Vistaril. The first two drugs are used to treat a variety of disorders, but one condition that they both treat is major depression. The third drug is an antihistamine that is also used as a sedative to treat anxiety.

A memorial service is being held for the girls at 7:00 tonight at Arlington Heights United Methodist Church.