While JFK awaits its world premiere this weekend, one prominent opera company has already decided the project is worth an investment. Opéra de Montréal is scheduled to give the Canadian premiere of JFK this September and will be listed as co-commissioner, DePoint said.

Several other opera companies, he added, are interested in becoming co-producers, meaning they will have exclusive rights to perform the work in return for an agreed upon fee. The measures add up to cost savings for FWO. The partnerships may also mean a long future for the Fort Worth composition.

Woods said he feels a particular affinity with the plot of JFK at the moment. His aunt recently passed away.


“Find a person on this Earth who doesn’t deal with life and death,” he said. “This opera is a slice of life. I want people to walk away going ‘I know what they went through.’ We struggle to do good. We fail. We succeed. That’s the message of this piece.”

Near the end, Jacqueline dons a pink Chanel dress. Behind her, a chorus sings, “The eyes of Texas are upon you.” Jack is addressing a room of reporters downstairs. As the couple parts for an awaiting limousine, Jacqueline turns to her husband, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

“You did great Jack,” she tells him. “You were charming, clever.  You’ll do great in Dallas, too.”


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JFK runs 7:30pm Sat, 2pm Sun, May 1, and 7:30pm Sat, May 7, at Bass Performance Hall, 525 Commerce St, FW. $17-150. 877-396-7372.[/box_info]