Hurst advocates of TNR, or trap-neuter-release, a humane approach to controlling feral cat populations, may finally have an ally. Recently appointed by Hurst City Council as the new director of the Hurst Animal Shelter, Amanda Earl believes the policy could help lower kill rates.

Earl told the Weekly that she will comment on her efforts when the process is further along. For now, she said, it is too early to discuss anything publically.

The TNR movement is still relatively new in North Texas, and like the city councils in nearby Bedford and Euless, Hurst City Council has not gotten around to considering TNR yet, meaning that many feral cats brought to the shelter are euthanized. Fort Worth adopted the policy in January 2013 at the urging of residents and numerous animal welfare groups. TNR advocates say that by vaccinating and neutering cats, the wild animals’ population can be controlled and even diminished without the need for putting down the frisky felines.


The bulk of the TRN work in the Mid-Cities tends to fall on nonprofits such as Panther City Feral Cat Coalition and Mid-Cities Community Cats, whose volunteers return feral cats to their colonies and often foot the bill for medical procedures. Mid-Cities Community Cats vice-president Connie Stout said Earl has responded positively to the possibility of adopting TNR in Hurst.

Encouraged, the nonprofit’s directors posted on their Facebook page that there is now a “good chance” that Hurst City Council will adopt TNR and called for Hurstians to volunteer to help trap feral cats, deliver them to the city shelter for vaccination and neutering, and then return them to their colonies.

“We’re offering our services to the Hurst Animal Shelter,” Stout said. Earl “definitely believes in TNR.”

If the new policy is adopted, Stout added, her group plans to document the intake and euthanasia numbers at the city shelter and use the data to advocate for TNR in nearby Euless and Bedford.

The next animal shelter board meeting is scheduled for sometime in August.


  1. Here is glaring proof of how, as cat-hoarders so often and mindlessly respew, “Trap-Neuter-Release is the most effective means of managing feral cat populations. In fact, it is the only proven way to do so.”

    The residents of the UK who invented that TNR lunacy in the 1950’s have been relentlessly practicing that failed ideology NATIONWIDE for over 60 years now. And all they have managed to do with TNR is DOUBLE their vermin cat populations — from 4.1 million vermin cats in 1965 to 7.9 million vermin cats in 2014. And to help, all this time they are still killing them in shelters and legally shooting them to death in rural areas under their animal depredation-control laws. By foolishly hoping and praying that their very own TNR concept will reduce vermin cat populations someday they have now even driven their one and only NATIVE cat species to extinction with their invasive-species vermin “moggies” (feral house-cats) — with less than 35 “Scottish Wildcats” left in the whole world. (Along with 421 other species that they have already made extinct in the last 200 years — over 2 species per year gone forever due to British cultural beliefs, practices, and values.) All the while they still insist that practicing their failed TNR policies will still save their “Scottish Wildcat” from being wiped from the earth forever. You can kiss their “Scottish Wildcat” good-bye too now. (Laughably ironic if it weren’t so pathetically, globally, and PERMANENTLY sad.)

    Nice plan. TNR sure does work, doesn’t it!

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    “‘…virtually no information exists to support the contention that neutering is an effective long-term method for controlling free-roaming cat populations.’ ‘…free-roaming cats do not appear to have sufficient territorial activity to prevent new arrivals from permanently joining colonies.'”

    Levy, Julie K., David W. Gale, and Leslie A. Gale. Evaluation of the Effect of a Long-Term Trap-Neuter-Return and Adoption Program on a Free-Roaming Cat Population. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 2003, 222(1): 42-46.

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