DALE HANSEN (photo courtesy of WFAA)

WFAA Channel 8 sportscaster Dale Hansen can be a smug and egotistical blowhard at times, but I love it when he gets on his moral high horse and starts ripping into people. I’m not being facetious. I really do love it, whether I agree with him or not.

Last night, he gave Baylor University nine different kinds of hell for not dropping the axe on football coach Art Briles. The university is apparently reassigning its president, the morally icky Ken Starr, but hesitating to drop the bomb on Briles. To which Hansen says, “I like Art Briles, I always have. But he has failed the women at Baylor. He has failed the university. And you can’t win enough games to make up for that.”

Hansen has earned my ire more than one time in the past with his sports rants, but I applaud him this time. Keep giving them hell, Dale. We here at the Fort Worth Weekly do it all the time, but it’s expected of us. Your unplugged rants on TV aren’t expected, but they’re appreciated.


UPDATE on May 26, 2016: Looks like the axe is falling on Briles after all.


  1. One more thing deserves to be said Mr. Gorman, and that thing is, that you and Fort Worth Weekly are stand-up, 100% correct when you suggest you are expected to squeal like a pig under a gate when the bad guys are clearly bad guys. That fact is old news, and we all know that you are right as rain when you remark on the fact. Cowtown is blessed by the Weeklys long history of nailing the bad guys and working for peace, justice, and the American Way. The Weekly is a killer asset for Fort Worth, however it’s not as good as it used to be, nor as good as it could be…everyone knows this. Todays Startle-Gram isn’t worth a pop-corn fart, at long last. Could the Weekly gear up to put out a weekly paper of hard news, investigative stuff and the like and charge a buck or two for it? I’m not going to charge you anything for the idea! It would sell, that’s a chinch, pray about it? Please.

  2. I support anyone in the media calling out Baylor. However, I always find it hypocritical whenever Dale Hanson calls out any type of abuse against women. He was kicking in his girlfriend’s doors and other abuse in the early nineties to the point that Belo Corp. was having to pay thousands of dollars to the women to keep them quiet.