How would you feel if your co-workers frequently amused themselves by flinging large containers of sugary liquid at each other with you getting caught in the crossfire? Would you be ok with it if it came following a week in which you met your sales quota?

Emily Jones goes to one of her jobs every day knowing the above might be a possibility. She performs reporter duties on Fox Sports Southwest’s Texas Rangers broadcasts that originate from Globe Life Park in Arlington,  and her duties include postgame interviews on the field if the home team wins. Certain players have adopted the custom of dousing whichever star of the game she’s interviewing with leftover sports drink from the dugout cooler. In this video interview, I asked Jones how she manages that nuance of her occupation, and how she juggles her various duties as reporter, entrepreneur, pitchwoman, and mom.

I also asked her about one of the favorite videos I worked on with her during my tenure at the Rangers. Check the piece we referenced here. She explains the story behind it and then also indulges my absurd follow-up question. I felt comfortable asking it, because, one thing we know about Emily Jones is that she’s pretty good at accommodating ridiculous conduct in the workplace.

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One other thing you should know about this interview: Emily is modest, but her rapport with players and everyone else in the organization owes as much to her professionalism, commitment to knowing her stuff, and consistently pleasant demeanor as it does to her longevity with the club. She brings her A-game every day and it shows in her work.