0) Happy Cinco de Drinqo, Fort Worth Music Fans, for let’s be honest – that is the real reason anyone pays attention to Cinco de Mayo. But also, I want to point out something interesting about what’s going on in the local music scene, based on last weekend’s shows, specifically last Saturday night. Last Saturday night had three major events going on: the first night of a new major music festival that showed promising attendance despite logistical issues and ominous weather, as well as the sold-out concert at a long-running venue on its last night open, plus the opening night of a brand-new venue that nearly reached capacity. And also, though I don’t know how many people showed up to Lola’s Sub Oslo show, I’d guess the number was respectable. The short of all that attendance talk is that even without Fortress Fest drawing in fans from out of town, there are still a lot of people who go to see live music on a Saturday night in Fort Worth. That’s nothing to dismiss out-of-hand, and moreover, it means that bands need to work harder than ever to make it worthwhile for fans to pay cover and buy drinks and shirts and all the other shit they spend money on when they go to local concerts. What I’m saying is that there are a lot of people in Fort Worth ready and willing to be entertained by live music and to experience and participate in the Fort Worth music scene. If you are in a band, do your part, and bring it every time. Don’t be lazy about promotion, and don’t be indifferent on stage. For all of our pretensions about being artists, we musicians are but one choice for occupying a person’s evening. Give ’em a reason to stop swiping their phones. Be the important bands you think you are, and the crowds will keep showing up. And now here’s the trailer for the doc about Texxas Jam ’78:

1) On to the shows! Friday night at MASS (1002 S Main): Holy Moly, Luke McGlathery, and Alex and Maria. Ladies, don’t miss those ladies, and bring your girls, because Alex and Maria are incredibly talented, inspirational musicians. The dudes that follow are no slouches either – seemingly a zillion years into their career, Holy Moly continue to hold their own as one of the best live acts in town, and Luke McGlathery and company give them a run for their money on the breakneck pace of their skate life-influenced bluegrass. Cover is $10, and the 18+ show starts at 10pm, with doors at 8pm. Ever heard about Sofar Sounds? Luke McGlathery played on a couple months ago; you should ask him what he thought about the experience, but here’s some footage of it.


2) Lola’s is occupied by Brainhole Fest, which starts on Friday, lasts through Sunday, and has something like eleventy billion bands. Some of the names I am familiar with, many I am not, but each day is anchored by a few choice locals. Friday’s doors are at 4, with songwriter Jeremiah kicking off the show at 5. Highlights (for me, anyway) include Signals and Alibis at 6, Kyoto Lo-Fi at 9, the Sex RYNOs at 11, and Phantom Sensation at midnight. On Saturday, get there at 1 and hang around to catch Telemegasounds at 9, and since you’ve already put in the hours, stay for the closers, which include garage partiers Dead Mockingbirds, fuzz folkers I Happy Am, and Henry the Archer. Sunday’s list is heavy on Dreamy Life-affiliated bands: from 9-midnight, you get LOAFERS, Sealion, War Party, with Mean Motor Scooter finishing out the weekend’s rock and roll mania. But Sunday’s show also starts at 1pm, and the Fibs play at 4, and their take on Cure-referencing psyche rock is not to be missed. Tickets are $10 to $15 per day. I like it when bands make commercials about themselves. Here’s an ad for the Sex RYNOS that’s pretty cool. Nice soloing!

3) The Grotto has Nervous Curtains, Wire Nest, and Kitbashes on Saturday night. This is your non-traditional, experimental-leaning show to go to. Doors are at 9, and Kitbashes starts the night at 10:30. Cover is $8. Damn, don’t miss Nervous Curtains:

4) If you can’t catch the Fibs on Sunday afternoon at Lola’s, they’re playing at Republic Street Bar on Saturday night ahead of out-of-town psychedelic band Ancient River, with shoegazing Slumberbuzz opening. The show is free, starts at 8pm, and is 18+. If you’re stoned right now, this Ancient River video is right up your alley:

5) Oh heck, why not one more listing for MASS? Saturday night’s show at Main at Southside features the musical alacrity of rock band Arenda Light, the Krautrock grooves of Starbass Laboratories, and the spacey party rock of Huffer. Cover’s $5 and $10 for under 21s; the bands start at 9. Here’s an Arenda Light video: