For nearly 40 years, Eric Nadel has described Rangers games for fans listening in their homes and cars (and now on their phones). He’s won numerous sportscasting honors, including the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford Frick Award. His zeal for helping charities matches his enthusiasm for broadcasting, and he’ll combine the two callings July 13. Nadel, along with Cowboys voice Brad Sham, Mavericks play-by-play man Chuck Cooperstein, and, health permitting, Stars announcer Dave Strader, will conduct a roundtable discussion at their Talk of the Town event. In the video interview at the top of this post, I discussed with Eric the event, his bond with his co-hosts, and his take on certain aspects of sportscasting.

As I prepared for the interview, I looked at a list of some of the auction items Nadel had procured for the event, and spotted some interesting names associated with them. I figured there might be some stories behind the donations, so we conducted a second short interview to discuss them (and have a bit of fun).

Rush Olson and Eric Nadel
Rush Olson and Eric Nadel
photo by Dave French

The Talk of the Town event happens at 3015 at Trinity Groves in Dallas on July 13. Visit for details and tickets. #DFWTOTT2017


Disclosure : The events company working on Talk of the Town sometimes pays me to work at its functions.