Eric Ruffin and Chloe Levine are fans of vampire movies in The Transfiguration.

All of a sudden, black people are popping up everywhere in horror films, and it’s pretty awesome. After Get Out and It Comes at Night, now we have The Transfiguration, which hasn’t played in Dallas yet but comes to Fort Worth this weekend courtesy of the Lone Star Film Society.

The movie begins with a school psychologist asking the movie’s 14-year-old hero Milo (Eric Ruffin from TV’s The Good Wife) whether he’s still torturing animals. Milo’s response is less than reassuring: “I think about it, but I don’t do it anymore.” Milo’s small stature and obsession with vampire movies and lore get him bullied by the neighborhood gangstas, but his life changes when he meets an older, self-mutilating girl (Chloe Levine). The movie has some explicit references to Let the Right One In — Milo likes the Swedish horror flick’s realism — but the violence-ridden atmosphere of the New York housing project seems a more natural backdrop for this distinctively African-American vampire film. As Milo realizes he can’t change what he is, he resolves to make a difference for someone before the hood catches up to him.

The Transfiguration plays at 7pm Sun at Four Day Weekend Theater, 312 Houston St, FW. Tickets are $10. Call 817-924-6000.