Photo by Patrick Holden, Jr.

Taste Afrik,

1201 W Arbrook Blvd, Ste101, Arlington. 682-323-7609. 12-8pm Sun-Mon, 11am-8pm Tue-Thu, 11am-10pm Fri-Sat. 

With some 190 million citizens, Nigeria is the African continent’s most populous country and largest economy. More than 500 distinct ethnic groups comprise the cultural tapestry of the former British colony, now a diverse and rapidly developing federal republic, established on land that has given rise to numerous civilizations over the millennia — the Edo, the kingdoms of Nri, Yoruba, and Benin, and the Songhai Empire.

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Taste Afrik

Meat pie $2

Scotch egg $2.50

Jollof rice w/chicken $12

Efo (spinach) w/beef (side portion) $10