On Sept 26, longtime club owner and eccentric local music emissary Wesley Hathaway, 69, finally succumbed to cancer. I first met her in the late ’90s, after she and husband Richard Van Zandt had just jumped into new careers as owners/managers of a Pink Floyd-themed laser light show housed in the then-scandalously underutilized Ridglea Theater. Eventually, the couple began to weave live local music into their programming, and, after a short time, the theater became a full-fledged music venue, hosting the likes of The Flaming Lips, Stereolab, and Modest Mouse. 

Had you told me in 2001 that Wesley, who worked for years at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, would have become the den mother for our local heavy metal scene, well, I might have thought your tea leaves were broken. But Wesley and Richard practically propped up indie metal in this town for years, until the club shuttered in 2010. 

Through the vicissitudes of running a club, she never lost her smile or positive outlook. Despite having no background in booking bands, managing bars, or any of the nonsense club owners endure on a daily basis, she and her husband kept the Ridglea relevant by being quick to learn and adapt and by the sheer strength of their personalities. She leaves behind a loyal legion of friends and even more grateful musicians. 


  1. Had the unfortunate experience of dealing with her and her husband years ago. Nasty, petty, irrational bitch she was, and her husband is a spineless weasel. Good riddance to that waste of space, I say!

    • Jake, Your comment is completely classless. No matter your personal opinion, this is neither the time nor the place to share such ugliness. I have known Richard and Wesley for years and they are wonderful people and loved by many! For future reference, in a situation like this one, if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.

    • You had a bad experience once, so now you’re glad she’s dead? We’ll keep an eye out for YOUR obit, which hopefully no one publishes as that too would be a waste of space.

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    • Hmm Jake they had literally hundreds of people that thought of them the exact opposite. But I guess you were the one guy who saw their “real” side, or you know, maybe you were the asshole.

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    • John,
      As vile as I found Jake’s comment, we only remove comments if there is hate speech or threats. But, yeah, he’s a sad little tool.

  3. When is the funeral I’d like to pay my respects. Wesley was like a second mother to me. Always welcomed with a hug, she was an Amazing Woman!

  4. Wesley was a dear friend and absolute wonderful human. We got to know Wesley and Richard very well while playing in Addnerim. She was a warm encouraging person. I enjoyed listening the stories of a interesting life and she always had time to let us spill our guts about the good, bad, and ugly about our own life always ending in a warm heart. We love you Mama and we love you Richard.

  5. Precious sweet beautiful Wesley. I’ve known over 30 years. Her doctors even loved her!!! She was the best of the best and so is Richard.

  6. Very sad to hear about this tremendous loss. I have so many amazing and positive memories of this wonderful lady, and she will forever hold a special place in my heart for showing me that you can totally rock fire engine red hair, or even pink hair, and still be considered a grown up.

  7. Wesley was a wonderful, colorful woman who always had a smile on her face and treated everyone around her with respect and dignity. For those of you who never had the pleasure to meet this fantastic woman, let me just say…they broke the mold and there will never be another Wesley Hathaway. I remember her coming into our office with her flaming pink hair and old fashioned metal lunch box as a purse and I instantly loved her. She was a real sweetheart and will be missed. Rest in peace Wesley Hathaway!