Jeanie Almond shoots a gun well enough to have competed at this country’s top levels of competition. She’s also a mom, a grandmother, and runs a new shooting range near Texas Motor Speedway. Almond teaches all kinds of students, but especially loves educating women on how to use firearms for self-defense, for fun, and for sport. Oh, and she owns a big pink truck.

In this video interview done at one of her clinics at 505 Ranch in Mabank, we discussed her passion for what she calls Lipstick and Lead, a program created to introduce women to shooting sports. She trains women in self-defense, and many transition to competition shooting as well. Her decades of instruction have given Almond insight into how to teach female shooters – we find out about why she  might show them different techniques than she would a male student.

Disclosure: This interview was done prior to a shooting clinic Almond put on in Mabank. I had been paid to be present by Firebird Targets, whose products you’ll observe detonating in some of the footage.